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The Book Book: A Journey into Bookmaking

Press:Consortium Book Sales & Dist Tara Books; 1st edition (November 1, 2007)
Publication Date:2007-9
Author Name:Pietrimarchi, Sophie Benini


Artist Sophie Benini Pietromarchi invites children on a unique and poetic journey into the world of bookmaking. 
Exploring colors, textures, shapes, and feelings, she demonstrates how to turn these intangible elements into pictorial narratives, using such unlikely fodder as pencil shavings, onions, dust, and leaves.This visual feast of a book evolved from Pietromarchi’s bookmaking workshops with children.
Playfully narrated, and packed with captivating and inventive illustrations, The Book Book is a tribute to the rich, imaginative world in all of us.

About the Author

Sophie is a French-born and Italian-bred author and illustrator of children's books, whose stories and artwork have been published in Italy, Switzerland, India and soon Israel. 
She also conducts workshops throughout Europe, encouraging children to explore a wide range of storytelling and illustration techniques.
Sophie lives in Rome with her photographer husband and their two children.


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  •     I'm a bookmaker and have a large collection of books on how to make books. There are so many volumes out now that just rehash the same blank structures. This book is so pleasingly different. Even though it's geared for children, I find it inspirational. It's quirky in a way that fills me with delight every time I pick it up. Its focus is on how to imaginatively come up with content, but it does cover some structures as well, using materials that are obviously meant for children, but interesting enough for adults to adapt for their own purposes (types of accordion books, shaped books, flip books, and a double scroll in a box that she calls a "TV Book," among others).But the strength of this book lies in how it presents making content to fill those handmade books. In my view, this is something desperately needed for bookmakers of all ages. She compares the opening of a book cover to the opening of a door on a house, inviting people inside to see the whole other world that is in there. She makes bookmaking feel like a great adventure--she encourages putting together a "storehouse of treasures and secrets" that can be arranged into a story, and tells you how to do it. "Sometimes little things become important, like words that have a nice sound," she advises. "You need to let yourself float along with your story. Fall in love with words." Good advice for writers of any age.She suggests ways to explore paper and mediums (all things that can likely be found around the house) and one's environment to find inspiration. She provides little writing prompts designed to tap into the imagination, and to show children how they can use what is familiar to them to create a narrative. It's illustrated throughout with fun textural mixed media collages composed from found items. I can imagine children thinking "I could do that!" Yet this book is not dumbed down. It's obvious the author respects the children she writes for, and that she also remembers what it's like to be excited by creating and imagining. Heck, she makes *me*--a middle-aged artist--want to playfully explore and write more.In addition, it's a well-designed and interesting book in its own right, with its rounded corners and lovely, quirky and fun illustrations. It's sweet and charming, in a way that isn't hokey.

  •     It's really rare to come across a book so creative in it's presentation of the process of making a story and book. In our world there is an excess of instruction and a lack of free flowing creativity which this book encourages. The beautiful illustrations and fun, unique layouts prompt ideas instead of prescribing them, and it is a joy to read. This book inspires.

  •     This book is cute on the cover and the book has rounded edges like a small journal..However, it lacks content. It would be good for grade schoolers that would like to explore writing a book. As far as making books, it has a very small section in back with vague instruction on actually making books. I wouldn't purchase this again and actually would send it back if I could.I wanted a book that explained the actual binding methods or fun book binding projects for children/young adults..this isn't it.

  •     The Book Book: A Journey into BookmakingThis is a wonderfully creative and imaginative book on bookmaking for kids. I teach bookmaking workshops and adore this book for all ages. The format is delightful and the projects are inventive and absolutely doable. Pietromarchi gives wonderful spring boards to get children (of all ages) thinking in a way that allows for creating stories. The structures are a great too! I would highly recommend this book to all parents, teachers and bookmakers alike.Check out more great book for kids at [...] and [...]

  •     I say that because I think it is more artsy than I wanted and I think it is not useful for me.

  •     I ordered this book for my granddaughter's 8th birthday as she has been making her own books, pop up and other's. This is a perfect choice for her. The book arrived in perfect condition. I recommend this book for all ages. Thank you AMAZON.com.

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