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Frederic Remington (The Life and Work of . . .)

Press:Heinemann/Raintree Heinemann-Raintree; 2 edition (September 15, 2005)
Author Name:Giesecke, Ernestine


This new edition asks probing questions. 
What kinds of artwork did Fredric Remington make? What was his favorite part of the United States? What was special about the way he drew animals? Read 'The Life and Work of: Fredric Remington' to answer these questions and more.
Each book in 'The Life and Work of...' series tells the story of a famous artist.
You'll learn about their lives.
You'll see how the things that happened to them and the people who they met changed the way they made their art.

About the Author

Ernestine Giesecke is a Heinemann Raintree author.


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  •     Good western book.

  •     This is a wonderful book if you are interested in the Life and Works of Remington. It is good for young and old alike. This is a reasonably priced Art Book that is filled with pictures and interesting facts. It is a book that can be viewed over and over because of the beautiful artwork. If you are interested in great pictures of his art and less about reading facts this is the book for you. The pictures tell it all.

  •     As the mother of a six year-old, I'm grateful for the appearance of this series, The Life and Work of... There aren't many art books for children this age; most are simply too long and involved for young children. This profile of Remington is filled with large type text and a colorful narrative that is sure to appeal to children 4-8. Not only the beauty, but the variety and choice of illustrations are exceptional. My son and I really enjoyed the early photos that demonstrated for the first time how right Remington was: horses really do lift all four legs in the air for a split second. Given the helpful glossary at the end, I can't for the life of me understand why they didn't add a pronunciation guide. Still I won't take a star away from this series for the error, because I believe the book is more profitably shared by parent and child than read on its own.


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