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Two Plays: Skellig, Wild Girl, Wild Boy

Press:Skellig, Wild Girl, Wild Boy

Press:Delacorte Books for Young Readers Delacorte Books for Young Readers (November 8, 2005)
Publication Date:2005-11-08
Author Name:David Almond


David Almond turns his talents to drama in these two plays. 
Skellig is the dramatization of his highly acclaimed novel.
What has Michael found in the derelict garage? What is this creature that lies in the darkness? Is it human, or a strange beast never seen before? And what will happen in the world when he carries it out into the light?Wild Girl, Wild Boy is an original play produced in London by the Pop-Up Theatre company.
Young Elaine has recently lost her father, and now she spends her days dreaming in the family’s garden, skipping school, unable to read or write.
One day, Elaine conjures up a Wild Boy from spells and fairy seed.
No one else can see him, and Elaine disappears into a world of fantasy where she and Wild Boy remember the teachings of her father.
Will her mother ever come to understand?These two plays introduce a new talent from the remarkable David Almond.

From Booklist

Almond's exquisite novel Skellig (1998) was dramatized and performed in London at the Young Vic.
The play is reproduced here, along with a shorter play, Wild Girl, Wild Boy, which has been performed for youngsters across England.
What both have in common is the stirring use of magical realism to show the delicacy and strength of grieving young people, who refuse to conform and be tamed.
Even those unfamiliar with Skellig will be swept into the drama of Michael, whose sister hovers near death as he cares for an old tramp, who turns out to have angel's wings.
In Wild Girl, Wild Boy, Elaine, unable to read or write, conjures up Wild Boy as she grieves for her dead father and remembers his love of the wilderness.
In dynamic stage confrontations, the conformists yell insults at the girl who doesn't fit in.
The fast action and colloquial dialogue in both works root the beautiful fantasy in everyday life.
Almond's splendid afterword raises questions about truth, lies, and storytelling, as well as the roles of writer, reader, actor, and audience.
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