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Enjoying Art with Children (Come Look with Me)

Press:Charlesbridge Pub Inc Charlesbridge; First edition (March 1, 1996)
Publication Date:1996-2
Author Name:Blizzard, Gladys S.


COME LOOK WITH ME: ENJOYING ART WITH CHILDREN introduces students to twelve magnificent works of art. 
More importantly, they offer students and adults a whole new way of encountering any work of art, one that engages the imagination as much as the eye.Well suited for both individual and classroom use, ENJOYING ART WITH CHILDREN pairs quality art reproductions with thought-provoking questions, encouraging students to learn through visual exploration and interaction.
Thoughtful text introduces the world and work of the artist, making the most of a student's natural curiosity.

About the Author

The "Come Look with Me" series was created by Gladys S. 
Blizzard, whose experiences as an art teacher and work as a curator of education at Bayly Art Museum at the University of Virginia served as the basis for this educational style.


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Comment List (Total:15)

  •     The kids and I love this book! For every picture there will be about 5 to 10 questions you ask the children about the painting. This has really allowed the kids to just stop and take a good look at a painting. I find that they are looking a little longer each time and noticing a bit more. After the questions it will have a paragraph or so describing the artist and why he/she may have painted the particular painting. It's a very good intro for kids to familiarize them with great artists names and their works.

  •     Sounded good, but I didn't like the illustrations. Helpful in suggesting wasy to help children enjoy art. I wouldn't buy it again.

  •     I used to be afraid of art until I bought this book and shared it with my 5-year-old daughter. I thought fine art was for the sophisticated -- certainly not for a regular person...

  •     We just started "looking" at Ms Blizzard's book, and it has already opened a whole new world for my children to discover. The format (full page color pictures accompanied by historical reference and discussion questions) is as enjoyable for the children as it is for adults. As a homeschool mother I appreciate the opportunity it provides to take a moment and wonder what the artist may have had in mind when they created their work. I also thank the author for the corresponding list of open ended discussion questions she provides. Take a moment to really look at a picture and let the child interpret it. You may be surprized at how they respond. I know I was. It has become especially popular with my 3 year old who considers the children her friends. We look at it daily and can't wait to add to our collection with another edition of the authors works. A wonderful introduction to art appreciation for all ages. Thank you Ms. Blizzard for a wonderful book! This series is sure to be a hit with all who appreciate art.

  •     This is a very educational book. It teaches children how to view and appreciate those masterpieces. We enjoy the book.

  •     A great way to introduce elementary children to art. I actually didn't buy this book, but instead checked it out from our library system.

  •     Book arrived on time and in excellent condition! This is a great book for teaching art (CM Style) with wonderful pictures and brief excerpts for each picture. Love it!

  •     I simply love this book! My 4 yr old and 2 yr old also love it! We homeschool and use it for our art appreciation lesson.

  •     Im a homeschool mom and this book is on my read list. It's such a good art book for my little one to use for art appreciation. It gives you a background on each picture as well as questions to make your child think.

  •     I bought this book to study with my children who are homeschooled. The art is beautiful and has questions to ask your child, the questions are very thought provoking and lead to some really good discussions. I highly reccomend this book.

  •     This is a good book for adults and children. There is a picture on one page and on the next page there is a little bit of information about the picture and some questions to inspire thinking about the picture.Examples of questions might be- what are the childrenn in this painting feeling? What makes you think so? What is the father in this painting thinking about?This book inspires young children to look at pictures in a different way. It inspires them to put the story to the painting and to explore what the painting is trying to 'say'. Because of this it is a good introduction to art for young children.Enjoy.

  •     Wonderful addition to our homeschool curriculum. I use it with my kids aged 3 and 5. Each painting is accompanied by a set of questions you can ask your children, however you can obviously come up with endless more to open their minds about art! My kids really enjoy this part of "art class". It's nice to sit and discuss art with my young children. We don't live ANYwhere near a museum so this is as close as we will get for a while. Wonderful to explore their young creative minds!

  •     Looking through this book with my three year old grand daughter was lots of fun and enlightening, for me at least. Using the questions posed by the book about the various different portraits and subjects jumped started a great conversation about the life that my little Ruby lives now. For a child who loves to wear a fox hoodie or her Rocket Cat costume, to see the clothing children had to wear centuries ago gives her a different view of the world. She wanted to know where the computer was. We talked about the kinds of toys children might have played with and the food they would have eaten. She saw herself and her little sister in a portrait of two young girls reclining and talking together. This is a great series of books to introduce art to a young child with.

  •     I love these books. I do wish they had a larger selection of art in each book but I do like that the books are broken down into styles and categories. The selections are beautiful, they are full page, and they are good representations of their genre. On the opposite page are thought provoking questions for young children about the selected piece. I have enjoyed learning with these books as much as the children have.

  •     I love the book


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