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In the Paint

Press:Perseus Distribution Services Abbeville Press; 1st edition (April 1, 1999)
Publication Date:1999-4
Author Name:Ewing, Patrick Aloysius/ Louis, Linda L.


If you wanted to make a painting about how you like to swim, or of your friends, or about what you did last summer, would you feel comfortable doing it?In this groundbreaking book for young artists, basketball superstar Patrick Ewing and an experienced art educator team up to create an interactive book that encourages youngsters to express themselves through paint. 
Ewing has long been a role model for kids because of his enormous success as a hoopster, dominating the painted area of the court.
As this book reveals, he is also an accomplished painter whose landscapes were reproduced on two Private IssueTM by DiscoverTM credit cards.Unlike other books that explain exactly how to paint a person or an object, this book inspires children to be creative-to show experiences or feelings through the medium of paint.
Ewing and Louis emphasize that in painting the process of thinking and discovering is more important than the actual depiction.
The authors help children discover what they can do with paint by explaining how to mix primary colors, change the consistency of paint, use brushes for special effects, and much more.
But the principal focus is to encourage kids to get ideas for their paintings from meaningful events in their own lives and ask themselves such questions as "How do I get to school?" or "What fierce or friendly animals do I know?" Throughout the book, which is illustrated with paintings by children, Ewing offers words of encouragement, and he gives an account of his life "in the paint." There is also a wonderful guide for parents and teachers that provides advice on how to help kids become confident, self-sufficient painters, to foster their creativity, and excite them about the pleasures of painting.A portion of the proceeds will be donated to Make-A-Wish Foundation.

From Kirkus Reviews

Basketball star and former fine arts major Ewing isn't ``in the paint'' on the basketball court alone; here, with Louis, he offers fledgling painters and their parents practical advice about essential art supplies, organizing a work space, choosing subjects, mixing paint to get different colors, and planning ahead. 
The suggestions are simple and savvy, from keeping the paint cups on a large cookie sheet, to making details large by using charcoal rather than pencil for preparatory drawings.
Big, bright paintings done by children and captioned with their comments illustrate this engagingly personal primer, along with small shots of Ewing in and out of uniform; although his introduction ends with some product placement for the financial services company that displays his paintings on their credit card, the advertising is unobtrusive.
7+) -- Copyright ©1999, Kirkus Associates, LP.
All rights reserved.


...accessible and informative... 
beautifully illustrated with children's artwork along with personal statements regarding their work.
-- Arts & Activities, 4/2000An irresistibly heartfelt, horizon-expanding book for children ages 7 to 10...
beautifully designed...
filled with intriguing how-to's...
-- Los Angeles Times, 12/2/00Basketball star Patrick Ewing introduces kids to the basics of painting in clear, engaging text designed to stimulate children's creativity .
Extensive use of children's artwork as illustrations encourages readers to find subjects for art in their own lives.
A helpful guide for parents and teachers supports the book's goals.
A 1999 Parents' Choice® Recommendation.
(Ann DeForest, Parents' Choice®).
-- From Parents' Choice®


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  •     How come I can only give this book five stars? This book deserves at least ten! This book is invaluable for someone like me (I am a student teacher) who is not used to talking to children about their art. Three cheers for Linda L.Louis and Patrick Ewing!!!

  •     satisfied

  •     Parents and teachers will learn how to set just the right conditions allowing their children to make paintings using their own "voices", expressing their own ideas and making their own images .... and the kids will have great fun as they paint their hearts out!

  •     Basketball star, Patrick Ewing, and art educator Linda L. Louis have teamed together to produce a colorful book designed to encourage youngsters to put paint to paper and to express themselves through the techniques of the paintbrush. "In the Paint" begins with an introduction by Mr. Ewing that provides an account of his early childhood interest in drawing and painting, tells how he diligently practiced his hobby in the same way that he later diligently practiced and refined his talents on the basketball court. He realized an early dream when he graduated from Georgetown University with a degree in Fine Arts. The book goes on to teach the basics of painting to young people, how to gather the needed materials, how to mix paint to achieve every shade of color, how to select and handle brushes, how to choose what to paint and how to paint it. Addressed to youngsters, it is nevertheless an invaluable instructional book for teachers and parents alike. Of particular interest to them will be the concluding section written by Ms. Louis, "Tips for Parents and Teachers". Chock full of paintings by young students themselves, it is remarkable that this clearly written and beautifully decorated book can be offered at such a low price.

  •     I have bought this book a few times, and I always end up giving it away to parents, so I'm ordering it again today. What makes it so good: Linda L. Louis is a brilliant art educator of young children, she's exact and to the point. This book will help get you into your children's art work. You'll know how to talk to them about their art - and that it's not about saying: "beautiful, pretty, I like it", which can actually be unhelpful to the child at work. But comments like: "I see you made a really fast line around some red dots" etc. helps the child connect to his/her art and want to explore further. I had the wonderful luck of having Linda L. Louis as a teacher, when I studied to become an art teacher. This book is really a gem, inspiring, practical and full of insights. Enjoy!

  •     It makes you want to paint even though you could be doing an other hobby.It has wonderful illustrations that were done by kids too.


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