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Queen of the Class (Ann Estelle Stories)

Press:Harpercollins Childrens Books HarperColl (June 26, 2007)
Publication Date:2004
Author Name:Engelbreit, Mary/ Thomson, Sarah L.


When Ann Estelle hears about the school play, she's very excited—she's sure to play the Queen! Instead, the teacher picks her to be the stage manager, because Ann Estelle is "responsible." Ann Estelle doesn't want to be responsible—she wants to be Queen!Beloved artist Mary Engelbreit pictures a little girl with irrepressible energy who hides her disappointment and even finds fun in backstage chores in this cheerfully satisfying story.


“Disappointment is majestically turned into exuberance as this protagonist puts her best effort into everything she does.” (Kirkus Reviews)

About the Author

Mary Engelbreit grew up studying the illustrations in the vintage storybooks of her mother's own childhood, and she developed a unique style that harkens back to those simpler times. 
She chose to illustrate Clement C.
Moore's The Night Before Christmas as her first book for children.
It quickly hit the New York Times bestseller list and has become part of the holiday tradition for families across the country.
Other treasured additions to a child's first bookshelf include Mary Engelbreit's Mother Goose, Mary Engelbreit's A Merry Little Christmas—both New York Times bestsellers—along with Mary Engelbreit's Nursery Tales and Mary Engelbreit's Fairy Tales.


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  •     Oh Ann Estelle... She is such a wonderful character providing so many hours of play activity for the young and old alike.

  •     It's a very cute and nice story. I love the illustrations especially since the illustrator is one of my all time favorite. The book was in a nice condition and arrived quite quickly. I just wished the price was little bit better.

  •     Ann Estelle's class is putting on a play. Ann Estelle hopes that she can play the part of the queen. She thinks she perfect for the part, she already has a crown and a robe. The teacher tells her that she will play the part of the stage manager. At first she doesn't like the job because she doesn't think it's important. As the show goes on she play a very important role. The queen has gone on stage with out her sword that she must use to fight the dragon. Ann Estelle thinks fast and runs on stage as a servant to give the queen her sword. She has saved the play!What did you like or not like about the book? This book has a great message for kids. The message is that there are no small parts. Everyone is important and must work together as a team.Would you recommend this book? Why or Why not?This book would be great as a storty time book. The illustrations are very cute and will appeal to boys and girls of all ages.

  •     Instills that you don't always have to be the "star" of the show to make a big splash. The importance of teamwork, and the behind the scenes importance of putting on a play! Fun Story!

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