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Skyscrapers!: Super Structures to Design & Build (Kaleidoscope Kids Books (Williamson Publishing))

Press:Ideals Pubns Williamson Pub; First Edition edition (September 2001)
Publication Date:2001-5
Author Name:Johmann, Carol A.


This children's activity book takes the reader through the various stages of building a skyscraper - from making a model city, through design of the building and problem-solving, to the actual construction of the tower from foundation to finished structure.

From School Library Journal

Grades 3-6--From Chicago's Montauk Block, built in 1881, to the Millennium Tower in Tokyo, still in the planning stages, this lively text describes the history and structure of the world's tallest buildings and offers some facts and enticing projects. 
The well-organized chapters move logically from the earliest planning stages and history of these buildings through structural challenges, demonstrated with both anecdotes and activities, and conclude with a look toward the future.
It should be noted that although the World Trade Center is not prominently featured, it is described as a standing skyscraper.
Beginning with the creation of a building plan, the book offers young readers the opportunity to explore structural engineering, city planning, architecture, and construction.
Activities include laying a concrete floor with sand, cornstarch, and two Popsicle sticks; testing a building frame made from toothpicks and marshmallows; and building an elevator with a small cardboard box and an empty thread spool.
Illustrated with black-and-white photographs of actual structures and cartoons depicting both genders participating in construction and design, this companion to Johmann and Elizabeth J.
Rieth's Bridges (Williamson, 1999) is a solid purchase.Rita Hunt Smith, Hershey Public Library, PACopyright 2002 Cahners Business Information, Inc.

From Booklist

This addition to the Kaleidoscope Kids Book series explores skyscrapers.
In addition to hitting the highlights of 120 years of architectural history, Johmann spotlights certain buildings (the Empire State Building in New York, the Sears Tower in Chicago, the Petronas Towers in Kuala Lampur, to name a few), discusses engineering and design issues, and gives directions for theme-related science and craft activities.
Cartoonlike ink drawings give the book a child-friendly look, while black-and-white photos provide a more realistic view of the subject.
Made to encourage hands-on learning, this is an informal looking, yet informative introduction to skyscrapers.
Carolyn PhelanCopyright © American Library Association.
All rights reserved


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Comment List (Total:11)

  •     This book is a big hit with my engineering enrichment class!

  •     My children and I found Skyscrapers to be a wonderful book full of hands-on activities that are meaningful.Book projects and reports are numerous in our school district.

  •     fast shipping, great product, and great price.

  •     Awesome!

  •     Lots of great activities for hands on learning. We will be using this year for our homeschooled kids. Very happy with this book and all the info included in it.

  •     The basic purpose of this book is to teach young people the how's and why's of building skyscrapers. Significant information is explained with stunning clarity. For example, "it's not the strength of the steel frame that limits the height of skyscrapers, it's the speed and arrangement of elevators" and "the Empire State Building produces about 100 tons of garbage per month. That is equivalent to the weight of about 20 adult elephants." Who could read that and not want to read more?This book tells all from taking soil samples before the groundbreaking to maintaining the structure after the building has been completed. All along the way activities are suggested to give emphasis to the topics covered. This is a fun, interesting, and informative book that will keep its value for a long time. It is filled with so much information that children will return to it again and again.

  •     Ideal for 6 - 10 year olds, my son and his friends love the books.

  •     For a very young budding architect...!

  •     I really like this book and plan to use it with my Girl Scout troop. Great factoids, history and projects. Very well done.

  •     Great ideas

  •     I purchased this book as a gift for my nephew, who loves buildings and construction. The information in the book seemed really interesting and solid.


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