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Shoot for the Moon, Robyn

Press:Orca Book Pub Formac (January 1, 1997)
Publication Date:1997-1
Author Name:Hutchins, H. J./ Cathcart, Yvonne (ILT)


Robyn is the world's greatest singer. 
Well, not yet maybe, but one day she intends to be.
She takes piano lessons and practices her scales, pays attention in music class and watches what the divas are wearing on TV.
The only problem is that Robyn hasn't sung very much.
And that she doesn't know the words to many songs.
So when she arranges to perform in front of the whole class, she gets in a little over her head.
To make matters worse she can't practice at her apartment, and she has real trouble finding a song to sing.
At the last moment, however, she finds inspiration from a most unlikely source--the 5-month old Kelly twins next door.
Shoot for the Moon, Robyn is the story of a girl whose intrepid search to find her true talent leads to unexpected places.

About the Author

HAZEL HUTCHINS has been writing stories, giving workshops and doing school presentations across Canada for the last fifteen years. 
Her many books for children can be found in Canada, the United States, Great Britain, Australia and beyond.
She has been awarded the Writers Guild of Alberta Award for Children's Literature and nominated for the Governor General's and Mr Christie awards.
She grew up on farms in southern Alberta and now lives in Canmore, Alberta with her family and pets.YVONNE CATHCART is an illustrator living in Toronto with her husband and son.
She has illustrated many children's books and also paints and makes animal sculptures and puppets.


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