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Time for Ballet

Press:Penguin USA Dial (March 30, 2004)
Publication Date:2004-3
Author Name:Geras, Adele


Tilly loves her ballet class.  What could be more fun?  She gets to wear special clothes, try out fancy new positions, and do her best cat impression.  But, when it's time for the big recital, Tilly learns another aspect of ballet: the preperformance jitters!   Perfect for the beginning ballerina, this gentle text combined with exuberant wand warm illustrations captures the joy and excitement brought on by everything from wearing your first tutu to practicing your first plié.

From Booklist

*Starred Review* PreS-Gr. 
A real charmer for young ballet dancers, this picture book shows the day-to-day work of a beginning dancer as well as the pleasure of a successful performance.
Tilly, who looks about five years old, joins her fellow dance students in dressing for class and practicing the five positions, curtsies and bows, plies and jetes, and moving like butterflies and dinosaurs.
At home during the week, Tilly practices her part for an upcoming show: "a leapy cat, a curled-up-to-sleepy cat, a stretchy cat / a pounce-on-a-mousey cat." On the day of the performance, the children don their costumes, feel a little nervous, and dance their best before an appreciative audience of their families.
Tilly narrates in a fresh, childlike voice as the pictures offer an appealing look at her world.
Well-observed details of everyday life create a sense of realism, and the artist's affection for her subject shines through in the warm colors and appealing drawings.
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About the Author

Adèle Geras married in 1967 and moved to Manchester, where she still lives with her husband and two daughters. 
She taught French at a girls' grammar school and started writing in 1973.
Her first book Tea at Mrs.
Manderby's was published by Hamish Hamilton Children's Books in 1976.
Adèle particularly enjoys writing for young adults — her books explore relationships between people and strong emotions without losing sight of the need for a strong narrative line.
For younger children she often injects an element of fantasy.
Ozzy, the cat who narrates the Fantora Family Files has become one of Adèle's favourite characters and she says "he is seriously thinking of writing another book soon." Adèle also writes poetry which has appeared in various magazines and anthologies.
She is a voracious reader, a "fanatical" knitter and a lifelong movie-goer.


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  •     My daughter loves this book. We have checked it out at least 10 times from the local library. It is by far her favorite ballet book. We started reading it when she was three, and she's still asking for it now when she's almost five.

  •     Time for Ballet is my daughters favorite book since she first checked it out from the library. We checked it out so often that I finally purchased it for her birthday. She loves the story and pictures of a girl who loves dancing as much as herself! I recommend this book to anyone who knows a dancing princess!


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