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Weekend with Renoir

Press: Rizzoli (March 15, 1996)
Author Name:Rosabianca Skira-Venturi


I have put on my little round hat (which I wear often, in fact), combed my white beard and put on my best navy-blue suit. 
I am wearing my favorite necktie, too.
Surely, you can see at once that I am a painter.
I am so pleased that you have come to spend the weekend with me, to hear me talk about myself and my friends-- they are painters also.
What I am about to tell you is my own true story-- the story of my life and my work.
You will have to step back with me into the past-- before you were born, yes, but not so very long ago.Let me introduce myself to you.
My name is Pierre-Auguste Renoir.


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