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Degas and the Little Dancer: Degas and the Little Dancer Big Book (Anholt's Artists)

Press: Frances Lincoln Childrens Books (October 5, 2000)
Author Name:Laurence Anholt


Marie dreams of becoming the most famous ballerina in the world. 
When she joins the ballet school in Paris, she notices a fierce man sitting at the side, sketching the dancers.
The man is the painter, Edgar Degas, and his clay model of Marie does indeed make her the most famous dancer of all.

About the Author

Laurence Anholt is part of a husband-and-wife team who have worked together on more than 60 picture books, published all over the world in more than 17 different languages. 
Their picture books - including the Chimp and Zee series - have won numerous awards and have been featured on television and radio.
Laurence has been described by William Watt as one of the most versatile authors writing for children today.
He was brought up mainly in Holland where he developed a lasting passion for art.
He is a much sought after public speaker, appearing at conferences such as the European Council of International Schools Conference, the Northern Children's Book Festival and the Edinburgh Festival.
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Comment List (Total:18)

  •     These are great books for young people to learn about artists and deepen their interest in art. Really nice books!

  •     Great for little artist

  •     Perfect for creating interest in

  •     Lovely artwork. The story is a good way to introduce children to Degas' art. Best suited for 4 years and up.

  •     Our daughter who loves dance and art really took to this book. It also has helped her appreciate a marvelous work of art.

  •     wife loves this for her classroom

  •     Great book for my students.

  •     lovely pictures!

  •     This is a wonderful, wonderful book! I bought it at the Getty Museum when my son was 3 and we read it over and over and over until we learned that "Maria, the Statue" was...

  •     My little friend loved this for her 4th birthday

  •     Awww Degas and the dancers now for children and stuff like that I love love love!

  •     Beautiful story with just the right message of doing what you love & enduring the tough times. You never know what blessing life will bring.

  •     Degas and the Little Dancer is a true story about Marie, a young ballerina, who posed for Degas to pay for her sick father's doctor. She always dreamed of becoming world famous and thanks to Degas she did. The story has beautiful illustrations. This is a great way to introduce children to art. However, the story was a bit lengthy for my three-year- old. I would recommend it for children who have longer attention spans than a toddler.

  •     My 9 year old daughter read this book just before we went to Paris and literally dragged me to the Musee d'Orsay to see all works by Edgar Degas. She then read everything else by Anholt and is now chafing at the bit to see works by Picasso. Anholt's books are wonderfully illustrated, show the works of the artists, and know how to appeal to a child's imagination. We are fans.

  •     This book serves more than one purpose. It is a short, but entertaining read for a child or for a parent to read to their children. The story is about Marie, a young girl in France who is loved by her poor, but hard-working parents. They work long hours to save money to send her to ballet school - as it is her dream to become the world's most famous ballerina.When her father becomes ill and can no longer afford to pay for her classes, the famous artist Edgar Degas offers to pay her for modeling for him. He is mean, short-tempered and impatient with Marie, making her hold poses for hours until her neck aches.One night, however, she finds out just a little of what is under the surface of Degas' rough exterior and feels sorry for him, giving him her long hair ribbon.Even her modeling pay cannot sustain the cost of her classes, so she must give up her dream. Later, she and her parents receive an invitation to a gallery showing of Degas' work - the center piece is the only sculpture of his ever displayed during his lifetime - it is of Marie - and unlike other statues, hers is wearing a tutu and the beautiful hair ribbon she gave him.The story is not only entertaining, but it tells children that while some people may act mean or rude, it may be because they are hurting on the inside - and extending friendship to someone who behaves in such a manner can truly make a difference in their life and in yours.The story is peppered with illustrations of Marie and her family, as well as photos of Degas' paintings and of course, his famous sculpture. Information about the names of the paintings and the museums where they are displayed is also cited at the end of the book.This doesn't have to be just a book for girls - even young boys will see a universal truth - we can always have dreams and even though they may not come true the way we envisioned them, we never know what wonderful surprises are around the corner.

  •     This is a wonderful book that helps children (and adults) see the reality that lies behind art. My daughter was first introduced to this book at the age of 8. Now she notices the "Little Dancer" every time she sees it. Knowing the background of both Degas and his young dancer has made the art itself more interesting.

  •     This book teaches not only about the famous French impressionist Degas, but also would be enjoyed by any child who loves dance. It documents the true story of Degas' dancer paintings as well as one little girl's love for ballet. It's equally inspirational and educational. Perfect for the classroom or the home!

  •     This is a great story, also includes a fantastic bio in the back. Beautifully colored pictures, this really opens up your children to learning more about the greatest...


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