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Mallory and Mary Ann Take New York

Press: Darby Creek Publishing (January 1, 2013)
Publication Date:2013-3
Author Name:Friedman, Laurie B.; Kalis, Jennifer;


Mallory and Mary Ann are headed to New York.
They've got sights to see! The Empire State Building.
The Statue of Liberty.
Times Square.
Central Park.
But they also have a problem to solve.
Only one of them is invited to appear on their favorite TV show, Fashion Fran.
How can two best friends find a way to share a spotlight with room for only one?

About the Author

Laurie Friedman is the author of the Mallory series, as well as the picture books I'm Not Afraid of This Haunted House; Love, Ruby Valentine; and Thanksgiving Rules, for Carolrhoda Books. 
She lives in Miami, Florida, with her family and her dog, Ollie.
Jennifer Kalis has illustrated several books for children, including Campfire Mallory and Mallory Steps Fourth.
Her artwork has also appeared in many magazines such as Girls' Life Magazine and American Girl Magazine.
She lives in Powell, Ohio, with her husband and two children.


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Comment List (Total:18)

  •     Very good two thums up. I loved it so very much I think the best part is the ending . I think the Mallory books are great I want to read all of them. I think Laurie b. Friedman is a great writer. I love her books so much I want to read all of them. I want to grow up just like Mallory and get to go on my favorite show and vist all theses excieding places. This book is so great because there are so many excieding things that happen.

  •     This book was purchased for my 9 year old daughter. She liked it because we were vacationing in Mee Tork City at the time.

  •     This is a awesome bookIt is great because this could happen to a awesome person too.This is a great book

  •     this book deserves a 5 STAR rating buy this book .I promise you want regret it great for girls who love friendship books.

  •     Good good good good good good good good good very good super good very super good awesome good good good hi bye

  •     OMG! I love the Mallory McDonald books and this one was definitely favorite!!! I hope there sill be more books soon!

  •     This is a super cute story about working hard for what you want and achieving your dreams. It is well written, entertaining, and will appeal to girls ages 8-12. The illustrations are cute and add a nice feel to the story.My one complaint is that Mary Ann manipulates Mallory into breaking the rules by threatening to not be her friend anymore. I felt like Mallory was being bullied by her best friend. Other than that, I really liked the book.

  •     This replaced a lost library book!!Your company is appreciated!!This is a Great story!!

  •     My granddaughter loves the Mallory books.

  •     Very good bookThis is my favorite series of books and it's just very amazing in every way. This inspires a lot of peopls

  •     All of y'all should read this book is fabulous read read read read read read read read read read read

  •     Mallory and Mary Ann are off to New York to meet FASHION FRAN! my favotite part was the end. it sums it all upto a beutiful moral. i loved this book. or should i say "loved loved loved" it. highly recommended

  •     I like this book because mallory & mary ann are going on a trip to NYC!!!!!!!!!!!! and going on tv and when they go to school people are going to be jelous

  •     This book was very exciting and I love the part where Mallory comes up with that fabulous plan I would of never guessed that and I am kind of a fashion designer myself! Fashionably, Barbara

  •     I loved it!!! IT teaches you a lesson when you and your best friend have a fight in the most amazing city. There is still time to make up and give them a time they will never forget!!! I rate this book a five (I wish I could rate it the whole world) because it was cool and creative. Mallory and Mary Ann's friendship is a friend ship that can never be torn apartCelina 10 years oldReston Virginia

  •     Mallory McDonald, age ten and a half, wanted to be a fashion designer more than anything. Well, almost anything. Fashion Fran was going to have a "Design Your Dream Outfit Contest" and Mallory and her BFF, Mary Ann, were planning on winning it. The popcorn was ready and Fashion Fran was going to announce how to enter the contest. It was soooo exciting and they'd been waiting for weeks for the big announcement. Max, Mallory's BIG, annoying brother, grabbed the remote because he wanted to check out some sports scores. Not. "Are you crazy?!?" she yelled. "Mary Ann and I have a V.I.S. show to watch." Fashion Fran was a "Very Important Show" and no way were they going to watch sports.The "Design Your Dream Outfit Contest" was going to be Mallory's chance to be on a V.I.S. and she was planning on winning. There was only one problem and that was Mary Ann. "All we have to do is make a pinky swear," she claimed. "If one of us wins, we'll figure out a way to both go on the show." Time was running out and they had to submit their drawings. Skinny jeans, a tunic top, sunglasses, a wig, and a few more things and Mallory was done, or so she thought. It wasn't long before George the mailman brought her a letter. Miss Mallory McDonald had won the contest and only the winner could go on the show. How on earth was Mallory going to get Mary Ann on Fashion Fran's?Mallory is in big time trouble when she makes a pinky swear with Mary Ann she can't keep. Naturally it's huge problem because Mary Ann is her "lifelong best friend" and a pinky swear is well, a pinky swear. The girls went to Washington before (Red, White & True Blue Mallory), but New York City is the trip of a lifetime. It's a huge opportunity to be on a V.I.S., Fashion Fran's, but it looks like there's big time trouble on the horizon that even a pinky swear can't seem to remedy. When they play the "Quiet Game" they stop speaking to each other and things go downhill practically from the time they get off the plane. The little twist at the end is ingenious, making this Mallory book one of the best one's I've read. If you haven't met Mallory, age ten and a half, you're in for a real treat!This book courtesy of the publisher.

  •     This is written by my 9 year old daughter, typed by Mom. This book has a problem and a solution. It is a really good book that I can relate to. I read this book in 1 night and I highly recommend it.

  •     Awesome


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