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The Chick That Wouldn't Hatch (Green Light Readers. All Levels)

Press: Perfection Learning (July 1, 2003)
Publication Date:2003-7
Author Name:Ernst, Lisa Campbell; Daniel, Claire;


There are six eggs in Mother Hen's nest, but--"Chip! Chip! Chip! Chip! Chip!"--only five eggs hatch! The sixth egg goes on a high-rolling adventure across the barnyard, past the pig and the tomato patch, and, finally, into Mother Hen's waiting wings. 
What a wild ride! Lisa Campbell Ernst's bold, energetic illustrations transform a short trip across the barnyard into a rollicking good time.

About the Author

LISA CAMPBELL ERNST has illustrated many picture books, including several Green Light Readers: Boots for Beth, The Chick That Wouldn't Hatch, and Come Here, Tiger. 
She lives in Kansas City, Missouri.


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  •     This book is designed for beginning readers, but I like to read this book to the preschoolers I teach, in the early spring, when many of them are learning about eggs and chicks. It's a fun story, with repetitive sections for children to join in (I have them make rolling motions with their arms when the egg rolls downhill). They also enjoy joining in on the animal sounds. It's fun when the chick finally hatches! Cute illustrations too.

  •     My 3 year-old picked out this book and requested that we read it many, many times. After about twenty readings, I realized the appeal of the stress-free action. The egg rolls and rolls, but in time there is a natural resolution to the problem. There is no bad guy. The egg, like the gingerbread boy, keeps going, but in the end you have a fuzzy chick. As it turns out, my 6 year old is exactly at this reading level. After this book, she felt confident enough to tackle the Little Bear book. The Chick That Wouldn't Hatch was a big hit at our house.

  •     Terrific book for my five year old. She loves it and wants to read it again and again! She even reads along!

  •     Perfect book for my beginner 1st grader.

  •     This is a fun and silly book that kids age 3 - 6 enjoy, either as a one-on-one read or at a story time. Includes an idea for a craft at the end. I like this book a lot... but I likeThe Odd EggandAn Extraordinary Eggeven better.


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