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Emma and the Coyote

Press: Fitzhenry & Whiteside; 1 edition (May 1, 1999)
Publication Date:1999-5
Author Name:Ruurs, Margriet; Spurll, Barbara;


Grand Prize, Ex aequo - 2000 Luxcanada, illustration, children's book  Most chickens have enough sense to run when a coyote comes near. 
Not Emma.
She thinks she can outfox a hungry canine despite the warnings of the farmer and his family.
One day the suspense reaches a peak when the hungry coyote comes a little too close.
Will Emma's "uncanny good luck" hold out even if her common sense doesn't? Margriet Ruurs has once again created a hen-house farce that will draw chuckles from fans of this plucky chicken.
Barbara Spurll's trademark animal caricatures will delight as they bring this barnyard comedy to life.

About the Author

Margriet Ruurs is an author of educational material for children as well as many popular picture books, including Wild Babies and A Pacific Alphabet. 
Two previous Emma books, Emma and the Coyote and Emma's Cold Day, won the Mr.
Christie's Book Award Silver Seal.
Born in the Netherlands, Margriet has lived in California, the Yukon, Alberta, and British Columbia.
Currently she lives in Shedd, Oregon.Barbara Spurll is best known for her renderings of animals with attitude.
Besides her award-winning work on the Emma series, Barbara's artwork enlivens many other books for children, including Mooki and the Too Proud Peacock, The Flying Tortoise, and Rhinos for Lunch and Elephants for Supper! Born in England, Barbara now lives in Toronto, Ontario.


Children's Books,Animals,Mammals,Farm Animals,Growing Up & Facts of Life,Friendship, Social Skills & School Life,Self-Esteem & Self-Respect

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  •     An absolutely delightful tale of barnyard intrigue. Emma is noordinary chicken! She is determined to overcome her fears and outsmartthe evil coyote who lurks around the hen house. In spite of comments like "a chicken can't outsmart a coyote!", she believes in herself and teaches children to do the same. This book gives a wonderful positive message to our children and will help them develop good self-esteem. The illustrations are colorful and entertaining. My children loved it! My daughter's entire kindergarten class wanted it to be read over and over again! This one's a keeper!


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