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Growing Frogs (Turtleback School & Library Binding Edition) (Read and Wonder (Pb))

Press: Turtleback Books (April 1, 2003)
Publication Date:2003-4
Author Name:French, Vivian


A mother and child watch as tadpoles develop and grow into frogs.

From School Library Journal

Kindergarten-Grade 3-There's just something about Growing Frogs that captures the imagination. 
After a mother and daughter read a story about a frog that gets bigger and bigger, Mom suggests further study.
Off they go to collect frog spawn (in small quantity from a man-made pond, lest the dwindling frog population be further endangered) and then watch the transformation and return the little frogs to the home pond.
Spirited splashes of bright acrylics stretch and focus the enterprise to illustrate the developmental stages of a frog as the diminutive zoologist nurtures her cluster with Mom providing support when needed.
Though the illustrations may not present the minute, scientific detail required in a field guide, they are just right for a first encounter with tadpole mysteries.
The text presents all of the essential tips in such a lively manner that readers will want to become involved.
Various factoids in smaller type appear throughout the adventure to ensure a successful experience.
Though youngsters fascinated by frogs may be drawn to this text on their own, it will make a most rewarding read-together or read-aloud to a class.
A hopping-good collaboration.Jody McCoy, The Bush School, Seattle, WA Copyright 2000 Reed Business Information, Inc.

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From Kirkus Reviews

A little girl and her mom go down to the pond to collect frog spawn in this picture book science title, which shows and tells step-by-step how eggs hatch into tadpoles and tadpoles grow to frogs. 
French (Not Again, Anna, 1998, etc.) captures the emotions of a rather timid young girl who says: ``I don't want any frogs jumping around getting bigger and bigger and bigger.'' Her comforting, patient mom, responds: ``Even when our frogs grow up, they'll still be smaller than my hand.'' Taking her daughter down to the pond, she helps her gather spawn and prepare an aquarium where they can hatch.
The author is careful to provide a forward and careful directions, noting frogs are endangered and urging frog-lovers to take only a little spawn from man-made ponds.
She encourages nature observers to return frogs to the wild.
The illustrator uses bright colors and a flat, primitive style to show mother and daughter: people have dots for eyes, and triangles for noses.
Tadpoles, when they hatch however, are painted with precise detail, so the young viewer can see eyes, tails, gills, bumps for limbs, and legs.
The author concludes with an index and a note that every year she and her daughter collected frog spawn.
Colorful and informative.
5-8) -- Copyright ©2000, Kirkus Associates, LP.
All rights reserved.

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"Part picture book for pleasure reading ... 
and part practical how-to, this dramatic account is the next best thing to setting up a hatchery of your own."

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About the Author

Vivian French has a lot of experience growing frogs. 
Every spring when her daughters were little, they visited the pond next door to collect some frog spawn and watch the tadpoles hatch.
She says, "My cat was always very interested."Alison Bartlett says that before she started working on the illustrations for GROWING FROGS, she thought frog spawn was "disgusting." Now she thinks it's amazing!

--This text refers to an out of print or unavailable edition of this title.


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Comment List (Total:7)

  •     I enjoy the pictures of this book. Growing Frogs: Read and Wonder is now a part of my classroom science library.

  •     Good book

  •     If you want to be able to explain the life cycle of a frog to a young child, this is a great book to use! I read it to the students in my four year olds class (who just happen to be named the Tadpole group) and they loved the illustrations and learning about how frogs grow. They wanted to find a pond immediately so they could gather water with eggs in it and do the experiment themselves. Not a bad idea as part of an early childhood curriculum.

  •     Growing Frogs is a great book which children of all ages will injoy. You will love reading it to your child as much as they love to lisean to you read it to them. It is educational and your children will also learn valuable lessons with this book. It teachs them alot about frogs and how they grow.

  •     Wonderful story about the frog life cycle. Realistic fiction story that clearly shows and explains the frog life cycle . Story takes the eggs all the way through tadpole, froglet into adult frog. I used it as an introduction to our frog unit in kindergarten. Students went back to it again and again. Simple easy to read perfect for children ages 3-7.

  •     Great informational book and story! Kindergarteners loved it.

  •     There is a story printed in large text, of a little girl and her mother gathering frog eggs at a pond, and watching them hatch and grow. In smaller text on every page is scientific information your little amphibiologist will love. The small text explains things like what happens to the tadpole's external gills, how often to change the pond water in your tank at home, and how the frog sperm and egg join together at fertilization.Vivid illustrations and clear text make this one a winner.


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