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Minton Goes! Driving & Trucking (Minton series)

Press: Allen & Unwin (October 1, 2008)
Author Name:Fienberg, Anna/ Gamble, Kim (ILT)


Minton the spotty salamander loves things that move—boats, planes, cars, and trucks—and always finds just what he needs to make these vehicles. 
After each story, there are directions for making Minton’s favorite modes of transportation out of everyday kitchen materials such as margarine tubs, plastic bottles, corks, and skewers.


Children's Books,Animals,Reptiles & Amphibians,Cars, Trains & Things That Go,Cars & Trucks,Action & Adventure

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  •     I have 4 year old twins, a girly girl and a boy that loves trucks, cars, etc. We bought the entire Milton series (3 books) 2 weeks ago and have read them every day. The story is about two friends, a lizard and a turtle, that use various forms of transportation (submarine, hot air ballon, truck, car) to have adventures and get back to their home. The lizard makes the form for transportation using everyday items like a soda bottle, yogurt cup and straw. The turle sometimes helps but primarily skeptical, but not overtly.After each story, there is a page with instructions on how to make the item the lizard made. The instructions are easy and the items easy to find. We made one with ease and have been collecting materials to make the others.The language and tone is pleasant with a few Australian words (torch instead of flashlight) but nothing that is hard to understand. The turtle is a little grumpy at times but not overly so and is ultimately interested in the happiness of his friend the lizard. The pictures are rich in color and detailed. They convey the story so well.I had been looking for interesting books for boys that still have vehicles but not all about crashing them or with a rude tone. I found Milton stories through Tashi stories written and illustrated by the same women.


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