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Keeker and the Upside-Down Day: Book 7 in the Sneaky Pony Series

Press: Chronicle Books (September 1, 2008)
Author Name:Higginson, Hadley/ Perrett, Lisa (ILT)


The delightful, timeless Sneaky Pony series concludes with Keeker and the Crazy, Upside-Down Birthday. 
Keeker's birthday is always full of surprises.
But when she discovers what her parents are planning for this year's birthday surprise, Keeker is sure it will ruin her life! When she decides to run away with her pony Plum, Keeker learns that change can be exciting and that no matter what, some friendships will always remain true.


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  •     This series is much loved by my daughter since she was about 6-7 years old. She read well early, and it was difficult to find her appropriate material to suit her age and ability. The content was very appropriate and yet fun and engaging. We now own most of the series.

  •     My daughter is in 2nd grade. She loves to read the Keeker books on her own. They are perfect for 1st or 2nd grade-level readers (not too long, plenty of pictures, interesting stories).

  •     My daughter really loves this book series. Keeps her interested, and it's fun for her to read.I do recommend this book series, it's the first book series that she has read all of them in order, and not skip to another book in between.

  •     Super cute my daughter will love it!!!

  •     Alas, this is the last book in the Keeker and the Sneaky Pony series, but it is a fine tale to end the era. Keeker is growing, and we open with an ordinary day, but the illustrations show her feet down to Plum's knees. Keeker's birthday is coming up, and her mom suggests that it may be time for a new pony for Keeker. But Keeker can't give up Plum!This book does a lovely job of helping Keeker come of age, staying true to her beloved Plum, but also moving on and growing up. Plum gets a new little girl ("Here, girl girl girl") and Keeker starts a new partnership.It's a worthy end to the series, but I hope that there will be more stories about Plum with her new little girl, and/or Keeker with her new Connemara.

  •     Love these books! I get them as gifts as often as possible. Perfect for 6 and up!


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