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Bulldogs (All About Dogs)

Press: Capstone Press (September 1, 2008)
Author Name:Gagne, Tammy


Each breed of dog is special, and the Edge Dogs set will show you why. 
Fun facts and plenty of photos give each dog its day.


Children's Books,Animals,Pets,Dogs

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  •     A general book on bulldog care. It did not answer a number of my questions on the English Bulldog, but is well done in good color. a good quality book.at a very good price.

  •     Love this item;)

  •     This has been a book for my nieces and nephews to read and learn. My oldest one loves dogs and wants to learn all about dogs and breeds. She enjoyed this book.


  •     I had more expectations !!!!

  •     My grandson loves this book! He has been expressing an interest in this breed of dog and it helped him learn all about them.

  •     This book is all about bulldogs. It gives us ideas of how to treat a bulldogs with respect. It also teaches us how to take care of a bulldogs by showing us pictures of people that treat bulldogs with kindness.This is a incredeble book. One reason I liked this book is because I like bulldogs. I have even met a bulldog named Trip, the Butler University Mascot, and that made me like bulldogs . If you like bulldogs you should read this book.Evelin O. (3rd Grader)

  •     ONe of my favorite dogs, but the author also wrote the rottwelier book so lots of the information, believe it or not, is the same. but still, this is a good introduction to the breed.

  •     Very informative. I have never owned a bulldog, so it was vet helpful with daily care and nutrition!

  •     Anyone who has thought about a Bulldog for a pet or would simply enjoy reading about a fascinating canine will certainly find that adding this book to their library an asset. Even those who are already owned by one of these furred clowns can find very useful information between the covers. Well thought out and written for easy reading makes this book interesting for simply entertainment as well as being a factual reference for the "bully" enthusiast.

  •     when we got our first bulldog we were a little unknowledgeable, but with this book we are way more informed. It helps you with anything you need to know. I was worried that it was geared more toward training, picking a puppy, and puppy issues. But i was defiantly wrong. It has everything you might ever want or need to know.

  •     Very interesting book for anyone who is a first-time bulldog owner. Great to use as a reference and have on hand

  •     Worth it, easy read.

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