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Carry Me!

Press:Disney Pr Disney-Hyperion; First Edition edition (February 21, 2006)
Author Name:Wells, Rosemary


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*Starred Review* PreS. 
Many will remember when Wells advised adults to "read to your bunny." Now, she makes carrying, singing, and talking to children irresistible.
The cover shows a mother and father rabbit in their nightclothes, dancing with their little child under the light of the moon.
That sets the stage for the inviting scenarios that follow.
The baby rabbit is the speaker who insists: "Carry Me!" Oh, how this baby loves to be carried--up and down the stairs, while his mother is getting dressed for town, into the garden, "under the plum tree's shadow." When the parents finally fall asleep, the baby is wide-awake.
"Talk to Me!" shows an eager bunny ready to talk and learn.
Everything is of interest: "Open the window to hear the train / Close the window against the rain." "Sing to Me!" is rollicking; the rhythm is in the words as the bunnies welcome winter and later spring, summer, and autumn with music.
Wells' artwork can best be described as joyous--and hopeful.
There's dancing, smiling, skipping, but there is also baby bunny's expectation that its needs will be met--and they are.
One wishes the same for all children.
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  •     Usually we LOVE Rosemary wells. However, this book is fairly boring. Okay for a baby, it has a good message, but is not the usual quality of R.Wells.

  •     Let me start by saying that I love Rosemary Wells's work. I read her "Max" board books endlessly to my youngest when he was a toddler, and bought them for my first grandchild. "Stanley and Rhoda" is an all time favorite in our household (I think it's out of print --too bad, I'd buy a copy for my grandchildren in a heartbeat). We love "Benjamin and Tulip". The "Bunny Planet" books speak to me, and are on my "favorites" bookshelf. CARRY ME just doesn't work for me. The words don't sing, and the pictures don't always fit the text. I'm returning the copy I bought, and I'll check Ms. Wells's books out of the library before I buy them from now on. I'm very disappointed.

  •     Nice pictures and print but not a joy to read to my child. The words don't make sense. It doesn't flow like a good song or rhyme either.

  •     My 3 year old loves everything Max and Ruby. While this isn't technically the same characters, she doesn't notice. the poem and drawing and really wonderful. Definitely a keeper! One thing to note- the hardcover version has a silver color that is very lovely, but it is only grey-colored in the paperback version.

  •     What a charming book for babies and toddlers. I have 3-month old twins and a 2-year old and all are very happy and attentive with this story. The pictures are cute and Rosemary Wells is a talented children's author. My kids love Peter Rabbit and this has a similar feel, with likable illustrations and a few lyrics that don't quite make sense... because they don't have to. I like to read them something that will churn their imaginations and not just the same old boring numbers and letters stuff. Kids like stories and this is a cute little tale about a bunny who simply loves his parents.

  •     "Carry Me!" is another cute Rosemary Wells book featuring three sweet, simple songs. Each one is pleasing and comforting and will easily be enjoyed by fans of this author and her books.The first one, as you might guess, is "Carry Me!" 'Hold me when you get dressed for town ... Carry me over to hear the bees.' The song works nicely and has lots of fun actions to go along with it.Next is "Talk to Me!" 'Open the window to hear the train / Close the window against the rain.' This is a very action-oriented rhyme.Finally, "Sing to Me!" brings it all full-circle. 'Sing me a summer song / I'll dance you right along' and so on.The gentle illustrations of rabbits are once more a winner. "Carry Me!" is another Rosemary Wells story to treasure.

  •     This book is a beautiful reminder to cherish the time we have with our children. It reminds us to carry, talk, and sing to them...to share life with them, as opposed to the survival mode that we go into sometimes on those busy, stressful days. The language is poetic, and the artist uses silver on many of the pages, so my babe loves to touch and feel. One of my favorite children's books.

  •     NOt sure, why my son loves this book. It must be the rhymes in the book and the illustrations. Yes, the story line does not make that much sense, but son loves for me to read it to him. And he likes to point out the pictures in the book. He has liked this book since he was one and now he is over two. I need to oder a third copy now from how much use this book has gotten.

  •     This is a very sweet book and touching to a Mom who does spend time with her child. This was the first Rosemary Wells book that I read to my two year-old. After borrowing it from the library, I made sure to add my own copy to our library. My son is now 4 and still enjoys this book.This is a book for someone with a little intelligence who understands the meaning behind the rhymes. Personally, I like a book that does not underestimate children like the majority of "popular" children's books available with matchy-match words and pictures. It's a thoughtful book that captures one's imagination and touches on the the sense that, while childhood is fleeting, you can hold it in your heart by making memories spending time carrying, talking and singing with your child.

  •     Wells' illustrations never fail to make me smile, but the little rhymes and whimsy of the three "chapters" in this book (Carry me, Talk to me, Sing to me) were an instant hit when...


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