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Five Little Monkeys Sitting in a Tree (A Five Little Monkeys Story)

Press:Clarion Books HMH Books for Young Readers; Reprint edition (March 22, 1993)
Publication Date:1993-3
Author Name:Eileen Christelow


While their mother takes a nap, five mischievous monkeys discover that it is unwise to tease Mr. 


"Brightly colored, cartoon-style artwork, done in mixed media, spreads across wide pages, capturing the exuberant antics of the mischievous critters. 
A nice bit of fun." School Library Journal

About the Author

Eileen Christelow has created numerous fun and funny picture books, including the Five Little Monkeys series, Author, and most recently, Letters from a Desperate Dog. 
She and her husband, Ahren, live in Vermont.
For more information visit www.christelow.com.


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Comment List (Total:18)

  •     My son is 18th months old and I am so pleased that he loves books! He seems to want to read books more then play with his other toys, though he does love his trucks and cars! I purchased this after the "jumping on the bed" one and he loved that one, but once his Daddy started reading this one with gusto, it is now his favorite book. He wants it read to him atleast 5-7 times a day! His favorite parts are the "SNAP!" and he even does a cute little arm motion when he knows that is coming! Based on his love of these two books, I purchased the rest of them and I have to say this one and the "jumping on the bed" are the best ones. The others rhyme but in a much more complicated way then these, they are too wordy and hard to follow, where as these are simple and fun to read. Definitely perfect for a very young toddler, I suspect the other ones that follow are for older boys and girls who read these two.

  •     Kids love the "Junping on the bed," and "Reading in bed." Unfortunately, this doesnt deliver the same flow, and rhythm as we loved from the aforementioned.

  •     For some reason it makes my grandson cry. I have tried to read it in many different ways using different voice tones but he still cries. Not a good book.

  •     Love these books and so do my grandchildren!

  •     My daughter remembered this book and my granddaughter will love it too.

  •     The kids love this book!

  •     The engaging pictures, suprise ending and repeated phrases in this book are the perfect way to get young children excited about subtraction! As a family of five monkeys goes on a picnic, they begin teasing an alligator. One by one, the monkeys disappear as the crocodile snaps its teeth. Children can count the monkeys that are left, after each time the alligator snaps and join in on the "Can't catch me" line that is repeated. It seems to be a predictable book, slowly loosing one monkey each time the alligator comes. However, the ending is suprising, and some children are able to find clues in the pictures that lead to finding out the suprise ending. This book is a great way for parents or teachers to introduce subtraction in a meaningful way! I highly recommend it. :)

  •     Cute story, and fun artwork! This is a favorite of our kids. They especially love it when the crocodile "snaps" right at the page turn. They seriously laugh out loud!

  •     This book was a big disappointment. I have the "Jumping on the bed" and "Reading in bed" books and they're great. But this one doesn't compare. I feel cheated!

  •     My children love this book! It is so cute. I had them going the first time I read it to them. I read it to my girls almost every night when they were little.

  •     The little girl I gave it to loves it.

  •     Child loves these books

  •     We purchased this book because of the similarity between this and the little song our son sings at daycare. He'll often yell "SNAP" loudly and anticipates the page with the alligator on it! Very entertaining book for little ones!

  •     Christelow adds another rhythmic, repetitive troublemaking adventure as the Five Little Monkeys climb into a tree and tease a crocodile, while Mama trustfully naps by the bank. This book, like some others in the series, can be either read aloud or sung, and there's a finger play for this one too (unfortunately hard to do while you hold a book, but oh well). In Christelow's version, instead of having the alligator actually eat the monkeys, they leap into the tree branches, to be revealed in the end for a happy picnic.The funny characters are lively and lovable, and the predictable plot is a perfect choice for the preschooler who isn't quite ready for complicated stories. Of course, the behavior of the monkeys is dangerous, but even the smallest children ought to know better than to copy the monkeys' actions -- if anything, it serves as a rather funny cautionary tale.

  •     Cute version of original story

  •     My 3 year old loves me to read this to him. He asks me to read this almost everyday. This is a fun book to read.

  •     My two year old had inherited this book from his older brothers so it was a little beat up. He loves the crocodile and says snap with the book. I ordered this one for Christmas. I was pleasantly surprised that it was a larger than the typical board book. I am thrilled with the size at the price!

  •     Incredibly rich visiually, my grandson loves it. I will get more of her books.


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