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Curious George Goes to a Chocolate Factory

Press: HMH Books for Young Readers; Reissue edition (October 26, 1998)
Publication Date:1998-10
Author Name:H. A. Rey


When George and the man with the yellow hat stop to shop at a chocolate factory store, George becomes curious about how chocolates are made. 
Though he begins to follow the factory tour, George is soon off on his own to investigate.
The adventures of Curious George continue in an all-new series beginning in fall 1998 with eight new stories.
Written and illustrated in the style of Margret and H.
Rey, the books will appear in paperback (8 x 8") and hardcover editions and will feature the art of Vipah Interactive, the animators of HMI's Curious George CD-ROMs.

About the Author

Hans Augusto Rey was born in Hamburg, Germany in 1898. 
As a child, he spent much of his free time in that city's famous Hagenbeck Zoo drawing animals.
After serving in the army during World War I, he married Margret Rey and they moved to Montmartre for four years.
The manuscript for the first Curious George books was one of the few items the Reys carried with them on their bicycles when they escaped from Paris in 1940.
Eventually, they made their way to the United States, and Curious George was published in 1941.
Curious George has been published in numerous languages.
And many, many Curious George books have followed.

From AudioFile

Imagine what fun Curious George (who's been getting into trouble for over 50 years now) can have inside a chocolate factory! Narrator George Capaccio capitalizes on the potential for entertainment (he's especially enthusiastic about the different varieties of chocolates) while maintaining a well-paced, straightforward reading. 
This approach works well because there's a lot going on here besides his narration: Jazzy music speeds up as the story's pace quickens, and light background noises represent the candy machine at work.
At first, these machine noises puzzle the listening adult (it sounds as if the story was produced in a parking lot), but kids are unlikely to notice.
The biggest complaint you'll get from them is that this story makes them hungry! J.C.G.
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Comment List (Total:18)

  •     I really wish I could preview more pages of the kids books available on amazon. There's nothing wrong with this book, but it has very little to do with camping. We really liked the halloween one, which had everything to do with halloween. This is more about George scurrying off and solving a problem in the woods. I was hoping it would help teach my son a little more about camping.

  •     Fun book that didn't get old reading 100 times to our 3-year-old. Got it in preparation to camping with our toddler this summer. Would recommend to other parents.

  •     Curious George is a classic

  •     Vintage George. Not politically correct but entertaining.

  •     Reports are that my grandson loved it.

  •     Good mint tea......not the best I've had, but pretty good....

  •     I grew up with my mom reading to me the humorous hijinks of Curious George, and when I saw the classic first book offered for such a bargain, I just had to take advantage!This is the classic tale that introduces us to an insanely curious monkey named George and the man in the yellow hat, and shows us how the two first met. This is the first entry in the Curious George series! If you grew up loving the adventures of Curious George, or have young children who love this adorable, yet curious monkey, or even if you plan on sharing your love for Curious George with your children for the very first time, you can't go wrong with this book! Highly recommended! Brings back so many memories!

  •     :)

  •     my 3 yr old LOVES these little Curious George books and they can't be beat for the price!

  •     Great book just as I remember from reading to my child

  •     Curious George books are always a hit!

  •     My daughter loves Curious George and I got this book last winter since she loves playing in the snow too. George and the Man in the Yellow Hat go to a ski lodge and of course the man tells George to wait in one spot, but George doesn't. He sees the skiers going down the slope and grabs a pizza pan and sleds down, causing the humorous monkey mischief we know and love.The illustrations are colorful and fun with lots of details. If you're a Curious George fan, you'll love adding this one to your collection! We read it over and over again.

  •     My daughter loves George. This way we can read his books each night without reading the same one over and over.

  •     Nothing is sacred to the spectre of political correctness, so the negative reviews of "Curious George" shouldn't surprise me. The reviews likening George's story to the African slave trade are particularly puzzling: children do not think in those terms. I suggest that the folks who complain that it glorifies illegal animal trade read it more closely. George makes a lot of innocent mistakes, he doesn't mean to be bad, but the world is too fascinating for him to resist. He needs to have an authority figure looking out for him, and although he does try to get around the authority figure everyone knows the man with the yellow hat will save George from himself in the end. Yes, George is a monkey, but he is also a metophor for children everywhere. Every child in the world can relate to George, and that is why the books have remained popular for so long.I loved Curious George as a child, and I am happy that my children love them as much as I do. If any book in the 4-8 age bracket deserves 5 stars it is Curious George.

  •     I love reading with my son and have been doing so since he was a baby. When I saw these books I had to buy them as they have Curious George in them and they are a learning tool. My son enjoys reading these books with us, he loves to hear the story and is starting to learn some of the words.The books are simple books with mostly simple sentences. On the inside cover of each book there is a helpful guide that will tell you words you will see in the book to learn and other word that are in the book so you can look for them. I have included a picture of one cover so you can see what it looks like, also a picture to how you the cover of a book along with the cardboard case in which the books come. The 3rd picture I have included shows a couple of pages of one book to give you an idea of what they look like inside.I am looking forward to many more hours, days, weeks, months and years of reading with my son. My son is 3 and already learning some words... it's so exciting :) If my review helped you please click the button below, thank you and God bless!

  •     A classic that however may cause some parents concern. This is the story of how George was captured in Africa & brought home to live with the man in the Yellow Hat. On their journey it does talk about George being sad at being caught but also being curious of where he is going. That evening on the boat the man with the Yellow Hat relaxes with a pipe and of course you see the sailors with pipes which was perfectly normal for the time frame that the book was written in. The end of the story may cause some kids some confusion as it ends with George living in the zoo. For any child/adult that has read the other George books we all know that George now lives with the man with the Yellow Hat.Personally I think it opens up opportunities for discussion and learning, a book worth reading & one that will stay in our library. Our youngest child loves it and reads it regularly.

  •     Gift along with play tent was a great hit & it is a learning toy which gives the parents something to do & explore with their little one. My nephew loved it.

  •     Cute book.


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