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Fritz's Fish

Press:Putnam Pub Group Minedition; 1st edition (October 6, 2005)
Author Name:Elschner, Geraldine/ Bunge, Daniela (ILT)/ Bishop, Kathryn


Fritz is too young for a pet fish. 
At least, that’s what his parents say.
But when the nearby river floods one day, Fritz gets his chance to prove them wrong.
He finds a fish swimming down the street and puts it in his bathtub! Unfortunately, Fritz soon realizes that his new friend is miserable.
Though Fritz tries to make the tub feel more like home, the fish just doesn’t like it.
In the end, he’s forced to make a tough decision, but his hard work is rewarded with a special gift.
Charming and undeniably cute, this little story is sure to be a splash with both young readers and parents.

From Booklist

Fritz wants a pet, but between living in a fourth-floor apartment and Papa's allergies, it's unlikely that he'll get a dog or a cat.
After a flooding rain, however, Fritz catches a fish, and he takes it home to live in the tub.
Fritz is happy, but the fish, called Fresh, isn't, and Fritz realizes he needs to return Fresh to its natural habitat.
He's sorry to give Fresh up, but when he returns home, Mom has a surprise waiting.
Elschner relays Fritz's experiences and feelings in a heartfelt though sometimes dense first-person narrative, leavened with occasional subtle humor.
In addition to a running sea theme--from mermaids kissing fish to shell decorations--Bunge's whimsical, predominantly pastel-hued (lots of blue), naive-style art incorporates playful perspectives and European cityscapes.
Kids may find Fresh's human-featured face disconcerting at first, but they'll still appreciate the story and grasp the lesson Fritz learns.
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About the Author

Géraldine Elschner lives in Heidelberg, Germany. 
Daniela Bunge lives in Munster, Germany.


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  •     I saw this book and thought it was perfect bc my grandfather has the same name and is an avid fisherman. I bought 2 copies, one for his home and one for his riverside cabin home. it's a great book for my younger cousins to read! and understand his passion for the sea.


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