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The Healing of Texas Jake (Aladdin Fiction)

Press: Atheneum Books for Young Readers; 2729th edition (May 1, 2005)
Publication Date:2005-4
Author Name:Phyllis Reynolds Naylor


Texas Jake is on the mend... 
and the fur is really flying.
Texas Jake, the big yellow tomcat, was badly injured saving his friends from the huge mastiff Bertram the Bad.
Now the other cats in the Club of Mysteries are looking for ways to speed Texas Jake's recovery -- perhaps earn the right to take his place as leader of the club.
Marco and Polo have taken on the riskiest mission of all -- gathering some comfrey leaves to heal Texas Jake's wounds.
The problem is, comfrey grows only at the city dump, and that's the turf of the dreaded Steak Knife and his gang.
Steak Knife is rumored to have a collection of tails of his victims -- and not just mouse and bird tails either! Soon the brothers are up to their whiskers in danger.
Will Marco and Polo return with the goods -- and with their tails?

From Booklist

The feline Club of Mysteries, first introduced in The Grand Escape (1993), returns for a second adventure.
This time, the group's chief, Texas Jake, who is recuperating from injuries sustained in a brawl with mastiff Bertram the Bad, challenges his followers to keep their minds off usurping his command and concentrate on helping him feel better.
Elvis volunteers to compose a song; Boots agrees to pilfer a whole steak; and brothers Marco and Polo promise to retrieve some sprigs of comfrey, a medicinal plant.
Unfortunately, the herb can be found only in the city dump, which is controlled by a rival gang led by the wicked Steak Knife.
Although each of the cats is eventually successful in his quest, and, by the end, Jake seems to be on the road to recovery, Naylor provides plenty of excitement, adventure, and humor along the way.
A sure bet for cat lovers, this will also make an interesting read-aloud in classrooms, where it may spark discussions about the qualifications for leadership.
Kay Weisman

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About the Author

Phyllis Reynolds Naylor has written more than 135 books, including the Newbery Award–winning Shiloh, the Alice series, and Roxie and the Hooligans. 
She lives in Gaithersburg, Maryland.
To hear from Phyllis and find out more about Alice, visit AliceMcKinley.com.


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Comment List (Total:17)

  •     It's been a while since I read this, but I remember well how my kids loved it. I ran a daycare at the time and read the book as an after school activity. After the first couple of days, the kids begged me to read some more. When we finished, they all wanted to play the roles of the cats! Lots of fun!

  •     Another good book!

  •     Great book for any cat loverauthor of "Hobo Finds A Home"

  •     The shipping was fast and on time during the holiday rush. The seller delivered a quality product as expected. Thank You!

  •     This is a great sequel to the "Grand Escape" by Naylor. My students and I really enjoyed it. The only problem was they books started falling apart the day we got them.

  •     The healing of Texas Jake is about six cats that do crazy adventures. This time they have to heal the big cat called Texas Jake. In order to do that, they must steal medicine from the meanest cat and the over the hill gang. He is a collector of animal tails. Can the cats get Texas Jake the stuff he needs to survive? I would recommend this book for cat lovers. I wouldn't recommend this book to dog lovers or adults because it's about cats and it's a fun book because it's filled with a little of laughter and violence, but not too much, but a lot of questions. So, do you think the cats will get the medicine from the over the hill gang?

  •     Great continuation of a series that kids love. Naylor does well with animal stories. This set is quite humorous and clever.

  •     Bought for a grandson and he loves it (10 years old)

  •     I have read The Grand Escape series to my students for years. They love it. My original book fell apart. This was a replacement.

  •     my child's fourth grade teacher read this to the class. i bought a copy for my child to have as it was read out loud. it's an adorable, funny tale.

  •     I loved this book! Marco and Polo bring you right into the story. If you love cats and adventure, this book is for you.

  •     I liked Marco and Polo. They reminded me of my brother and me. I think the other cats were cool but I didn't like Jake very well. I think he was selfish and mean. I liked the steaknife game and how you sometimes can't trust what people say.

  •     My son would have his grandmother read this story everytime she visited. They loved it and it took them a long time to read each chapter. They would talk about each paragraph and never finish. He did over her grave last July 07. It would break your heart. My son loved this book and so did his grandmother. It will always have a special memory with us.

  •     Christmas gift for my nephew

  •     Love this entire series, and apparently my 3rd graders do, too, because I'm replacing one from the series each year it seems. They take 'em home and don't return them. PRN is my favorite author, period! I like the way she leaves you hanging at the end of chapters!

  •     The Healing of Texas Jake is a fascinating book. The outrageous main characters are Texas Jake, Carlotta, Marco, and Polo. The main problem is they have to get comfrey to heal T.J.'s wounds, but the over-the-hill-gang is where he comfrey is. The setting is in a small town. One reason I like this book is because it is very adventurous book. Another reason I like this book is because the main characters are animals. Last but not least I like it because all the cats have to do something for T.J., and that is fascinating to read about. I would encourage my friends to read this book because it sweeps you off you're feet when your done!

  •     quick ship and great series


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