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EyeLike Sticker Fun: Animals

Press: Play Bac; Act Stk edition (September 1, 2009)
Author Name:Play Bac (COR)


EyeLike Sticker Fun: Animals Design your very own stickers! With over 500 stickers and a full panel for stencils, create your own stickers from beautiful, natural patterns. 
In addition to hundreds of sticker possibilities, each book provides backgrounds (Garden of butterflies, anyone?), or ideas (Animal portraits?), and suggestions on how to get started.  Simply trace the shape you want over your favorite pattern, cut it out, and you will have created your very own custom stickers!Create your own stickers in EyeLike Sticker Fun: Animals!  Lizards that look like pebbles, elephants with zebra stripes, and cats with cherries for eyeballs are all possible in this interactive, sticker-making book.  With over 500 stickers, a full panel of stencils, and patterns pages from which to create new sticker shapes or sticker backgrounds, animal art stickers are just around the corner! 


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