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Peek-A-Boo! (Baby Faces Board Book #01)

Press:Scholastic Cartwheel (October 1, 1997)
Publication Date:1997-10
Author Name:Intrater, Roberta Grobel


Book Details:Format: Board BookPublication Date: 10/1/1997Pages: 12

About the Author

Roberta Grobel Intrater is a photographer, journalist, and graphic designer who has combined those skills to produce award-winning educational materials for children. 
She has also developed and taught programs in art and photography on the primary school and college level.


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Comment List (Total:18)

  •     Off all the Baby Faces Board Books in this series that I have gotten for my daughter at our library, this one gets her giggling the most. She loves playing peek-a-boo, and I think she likes how this book rhymes, and the others don't. She especially loves when we close the book and then quickly open it to one of the babies while excitedly saying "peek-a-boo!".

  •     My 9 month old LOVES this book. It has beautiful full color close ups of baby faces and a few lines of text on each page.

  •     Our daughter loves this book - she picks it up and looks at the little ones on the pages as if they are her friends! She gets a kick out of it more and more as she develops.

  •     My grandchildren love this book

  •     My 10 month old loves seeing other babies, and after reading some of the reviews I thought he would enjoy this book of baby faces.

  •     Love this series. I now buy as a baby gift for all showers I attend.

  •     With our first child, I was crushed when, as an infant he didn't seem interested in books. Of course I realize now that it is a rare two month old who will sit and happily read books, but I was thrilled with our first when he became enamored with this book! For months it was a favorite and I believe paved the way for his early loving of other books. This book is superior to others because the large photos and different expressions and babies pictured. Our second child loved it as well and now, our third child is also laughing at the babies, with our oldest reading the simple words to her! We all highly recommend it!

  •     This book was my daughters first favorite book! She loved it so much we had to buy a copy for our great nephew.

  •     This book never was a favorite. They say babies love baby faces, but my son never seemed all that interested.

  •     My 6 month old son loves this series of books. They are just short enough that he really enjoys us reading to him and actually cries when we stop!

  •     My grand baby spent a lot of time "on Facebook" as my son-in-law called her time with this book. It is just baby faces.

  •     The idea is good-show infants and toddlers other kids their age with different emotions on their face. But in order to execute this idea they had to take a photo of a toddler crying. It is very sad that they would do that to a child. I don't know the story behind it, but to just take a photo instead of comforting him almost makes me cry.Beside that page the book is rather boring as an adult, however my toddler only seems to bring me this book when she can't find her favorites which include: "Have You Seen My Cat?" and "Breastmilk Makes My Tummy Yummy". And a better Peek-A-Boo book isPeek-A-Booby Francesca Ferri which has flaps children can pull down and is appealing to a wider age range.

  •     My baby likes books and this one never amuses her. Each page has a baby/toddler face on it and some explanation of their expression. I think the problem is with the coloring of the pages. The kids, regardless of ethnicity, look a strange orange color. So with burnt orange kids and a very dark background, it is not one I would recommend.

  •     This series is the best in terms of board books with pictures of babies. My daughter loved the "Sleep" book from this series so we picked this one up as well. It is a little less coherent than the sleep book. It consists of a number of different pictures, mostly featuring emotions. The words are are easy to read and a bit lyrical. The pictures are high quality and it is a sturdy little book. My daughter has had this book since she was about eight months old and continues to enjoy it now three months later. If I was going to buy one book in this series it would be "Sleep", which remains a favorite of ours.

  •     Cute! My 8-month-old giggles at the laughing baby page. He reaches for this book the most among his new ones.It's just photos of babies with different expressions. It is simple and cute, and he is drawn to it.

  •     What a great book! Our 9 month old isn't really ready for stories yet -- distractions come easy. However these are the greatest baby pictures, and she loves the book. Each page is simply a photograph of a baby with a simple caption: "smiling," "laughing" and so forth. That's about it. It is only about eight pages but for a little one it is like looking in a mirror. And because it is a "board book" it is difficult to chew through! (An equally important consideration.)

  •     The title is peek a boo, but most of the images are simply baby/toddler faces. One laughing, one crying, one yawning, etc. My daughter likes it, just like all the other baby faces board books, but it is not filled with peek a boo images. We had checked out a peek a boo book at the library that she was crazy about and I thought this was the same one, but it wasn't. This is a good book, but if you want peek a boo, look elsewhere!

  •     my children enjoy all the books by Roberta Grobel Intrater. Simple words and fun pictures make kids want to have them read again and again


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