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Spiderman Movie Ii: Ahead By A Thread (Spider-man 2)

Press:Ahead By A Thread (Spiderman Ii)

Press:Scholastic Paperbacks Scholastic Paperbacks; Clr edition (June 1, 2004)
Publication Date:2004-06-01
Author Name:Tisha Hamilton


Everybody's favorite friendly neighborhood Spider-Man is back -- with brand new color/activity books!  AHEAD BY A THREAD comes complete with blistered logo crayons!Licensor approval pending.Spider-Man defeats his enemies with his acrobatic fighting moves, and always seems to stay just a little bit ahead of the villains' attacks. 
It's our pleasure to announce a color/activity book that presents Spider-Man's best narrow escapes and most exciting battles from the new movie.
AHEAD BY A THREAD also includes excellent crayons in a blister -- and each crayon is printed with the SPIDER-MAN 2 logo!


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  •     "Spider-Man 2: Ahead by a Thread" comes with four super hero crayons in silver, purple, blue and red attached to the front cover by a plastic pocket. That means when you take the crayons off you destroy the cover of your coloring book (specifically Spider-Man's left leg). The other minor complaint would be that if you are only going to have four crayons then, yes, you need blue and red for Spider-Man's costume, and silver for Doctor Octopus' tentacles makes sense, but I really think it should have been green for Doc Ock's coat (or even brown, which is what his coat is in "Spider-Man 2"). I also think green and silver look better together. Then again, I am sure most people who pick this up probably own crayons already, but I received this as a birth present and that would not be my current situation. I guess I have to go out and buy some more crayons, even if they are not official movie merchandise MARVEL crayons.The story here pretty much follows the Spider-Man versus Doctor Octopus part of the movie from the bank robbery to the end, although obviously in an abbreviated format. The art, by Mada Design, Inc. is competent enough, although Doc Ock looks more like Alfred Molina than Peter Parker looks like either Tobey Maguire or what the character looks like in the MARVEL comic book version of the web-spinner. But Doc Ock's tentacles are pretty cool so you can have fun with those. Besides the pages to color in this comic book there are some puzzle pages: a cross word puzzle, math equations (a quick brain is an important to Spider-Man as his quick reflexes or ability to color between the lines), matching, word finding, maze, and find objects. The back covers has a pair of Spider-Man Sliders that you can cut out and put on a long length of thread (hence the title, "Ahead by a Thread").You can look for more "Spider-Man 2" books from Scholastica. There is "Spdier-Sense" where you use a silver gel pen on red paper, "Behind the Mask" with window clings, "Doc Ock's Shock" with iron-on, "Webslinger" with sticky toy, "Wallcrawler" with a stick wallcrawling spider, "How to Draw" where you learn to draw Spider-Man, and the bilingual edition "Great Power/Superpoder." It has been a long time since somebody gave me a coloring book and once I get some more crayons I am going to town and finishing up this one.


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