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Tonk and the Battle of the 200

Press: iUniverse (August 25, 2011)
Author Name:Inman, John


Tonk isn’t your average American squirrel. 
While most squirrels are content living in their home tree for the entirety of their lives, little Tonk is curious.
He wonders what’s out there beyond the End of Things.
What lingers over the horizon? What has he never seen? One day, he hears of a magical flying squirrel held captive in a place called “The San Diego Zoo,” and Tonk knows his time has come.
He will rescue the squirrel and learn to fly.
He leaves his family behind and sets forth on a dangerous journey to rescue the legendary squirrel with the hope that he, too, can learn to fly.
But Tonk doesn’t know how to survive out there alone.
He makes friends with Bogey, a crusty old jackrabbit; El Curador, a Mexican museum mouse; and Pockets, an alarmingly awkward pelican.
His friends show him the way to the mysterious zoo.
In the process of saving the flying squirrel, they must face the enemies that protect her; in so doing, Tonk becomes much more than a young squirrel― with his brave new buddies to back him up, he becomes a hero.
In the end, he might do much more than save a damsel in distress.
Who knows? He might even fall in love.
Who says you have to be big to make a difference?


Children's Books,Action & Adventure,Animals

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  •     If one loves "Watership Down", one will love this excellent book by a very great author. Although, I personally would not consider it a Children's book due to some of its heavy-duty subject matter. It's still a great story. I am pleased with the excellent product and service. THANK YOU!!

  •     What a lot of fun this was to read! A good old fashioned adventure story of animals on a quest told as a children's story. Unlike many stories like this, our heroes aren't hopelessly anthropromorphed. Sure, squirrels and jackrabbits have conversations, but they seem to retain a bit of squirreliness and jackrabbitshness. Their perspective on humanity is delightful. Our narrator may be telling the story to a child, but there's plenty that the adult reader can find to enjoy here. I certainly did.

  •     Great writing!


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