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Buried Treasure, a Pirate's Tale

Press: Cornell Maritime Press/Tidewater Publishers; 1st edition (September 1, 2007)
Publication Date:2007-9
Author Name:Kehne, Caroll Harrison


Ages 7 to 10 years. 
There be treasure in the waters of the Chesapeake.
Pirates! Picaroons! Scallywags! Under the command of Captain John Bloodsworth, a vicious and daring pirate, they plunder the ships of the Chesapeake Bay during the harsh Colonial times.
In this tale, after taking the treasure and burning one galley, Bloodsworth sails away to celebrate on Bloodsworth Island and later London Town.
He buries the treasure only to battle with the local Susquehanna Indians on Kent Island.
Will Captain Bloodsworth make it out alive? Will the treasure on Kent Island's Bloody Point ever be found? Find out in Buried Treasure, a Pirates Tale.


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  •     Buried Treasure is a carefully researched, authentic, but fictional, tale of Captain Bloodsworth, a pirate of the Chesapeake. Young readers will love the action-packed 'Pirates of the Caribbean'-like tale, while parents will much appreciate the geography of the Bay that their children are learning. The saga ends with an interactive treasure hunt using modern day GPS!Adults, artists and non-artists, may find the greatest treasure of this book the simply superlative woodcuts that illustrate Buried Treasure. A beautiful and most unusual book, we highly recommend it.

  •     The two copies of Buried Treasure that I bought were intended for my grandchildren. However, my wife and I enjoyed them first as much or maybe more than did the kids. To be honest, I got so caught up in the adventure that I plotted the coordinates of the buried treasure on Google Earth. The shoreline must have eroded over time because the treasure is now under water not too far off shore. I'm thinking scuba trip.

  •     In the early 1700's unsuspecting ships in the Chesapeake Bay were plundered for gold and gems. Buried Treasure introduces children to the history and geography of the Chesapeake Bay through the fictional adventures of a pirate. Captain Bloodsworth and his crew capture an English galley in the waters off Smith Island. After journeying to an island hideout, the captain and his men celebrate in London Town. Then they bury their treasure on Kent Island. The action is advanced by dialogue and colorful, richly textured woodcut prints. By depicting an exotic adventure in familiar places, the tale is sure to spark curiosity and further research skills. The language and content are appropriate for children in grades two through five.

  •     I read many pirate books to my son, but this one didn't hold his attention. But I'm glad he wasn't interested since they kept talking about going to the tavern and getting drunk (drunken sailors, bottles of rum, drinking rum and beer until they "fall asleep." Amazon says this is for 4-8 year olds...REALLY? Had I read it before hand, I definitely wouldn't have read it to my child. B&N shows this to be in the 8-12 year old age range, but I don't think I'd want my 8 year old to read it either.

  •     Chesapeake Bay area author Carroll Kehne discovers a real treasure in this beautiful art book! Each page contains an individual masterpiece painting from his amazing intricate wood carvings. Woven into the magically lit, living scenes, is the adventure story of historically-based pirates and their haunts. This gem of a book will be loved not only by Chesapeake locals, but by any one who likes a good adventure. My kids beg me to read it again and again. We discover something new each time we open Buried Treasure. Find Buried Treasure, a Pirate's Tale -and get lost in its panoramic pages! It just might inspire an adventure of your own...


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