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Agent Amelia: Spooky Ballet!

Press:Spooky Ballet!

Press:Andersen Press Andersen Press (March 16, 2009)
Publication Date:2009-3


Three more stories in one volume, taken from the case files of Agent Amelia, the resourceful and feisty secret agent! "Spooky Ballet": Amelia is enrolled in a dancing class, but the teacher uses her class to pillage the audience at the local theatre and it takes all of Amelia's presence of mind to foil her! "Gobbledygook Books": there's a new librarian at school, who has reprogrammed all the computers with intent to rule the world. 
But Amelia overcomes her, with a little help from the real librarian and a big volume of the Works of William Shakespeare! "Whispering Scarecrow": there's a phantom picnicker targeting all the picnic baskets in a field, but when Amelia goes there with her mother, she discovers that actually it's a flock of crows instructed by a scarecrow.
Just what mechanism can there be inside that soggy head? Trust Amelia to find out!


Children's Books,Action & Adventure

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