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The Island Hunters: Book II - Trail of the Tomb Robbers (Hardcover)

Press: nGallerie Studios; 1 edition (December 23, 2016)
Author Name:Walford, N. E. (ILT)


Down in the Caribbean, the Hunter boys have stumbled upon a secret. 
And J.B.
suspects that his pirate loving Great Grandfather is its keeper.
When digging around his castle finally uncovers something valuable, Blake, Joshua and the twins are ready to cash in.
But the mystery of the Map of Legends is only the beginning.
Of all the stories surrounding the islands at Hunter Cove, the tales of the Maroons were the most notorious.
The legendary peoples who fought slavery and formed and army - inspired a nation.
And the secrets they guard were never meant to be discovered.
But Pa Hunter and his sons aren't the only ones looking for their legacy.
The Masters have sent the best of their New Order to scout the trail and take what they find, letting no one get in their way.
Now with a Secret Society in pursuit and an impossible journey looming before them, J.B.
and his brothers find their enemies starting to emerge along with some strange new ocurrences.
And as the Map becomes the key to a quest, led by their patriarch, the Great Admiral Hunter - they are allowed into the island's forbidden realm.

About the Author

Author & illustrator N.E. 
Walford presents the sequel in a series of novels based on the legends and history of Africa, the Caribbean and coastal islands around the world.
In this second installment the Caribbean tale takes an excursion into the Ancient World in a series set in modern times.


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