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The Invasion of the Shag Carpet Creature (Horace Splattly, the Cupcaked Crusader)

Author Name:David, Lawrence/ Gott, Barry (ILT)


It's a bird! It's a plane! It's the Cupcaked Crusader! Otherwise known as the smallest ten-year-old with the biggest ideas in town-Horace Splattly. 
Horace, victim of his brilliant little sister's experiments, empowered by her chemically altered cupcakes and mortified by the purple costume she makes him wear, flies through the skies of Blootinville, breathing fire and foiling evil.
But not much goes on in Horace's notoriously quiet town.
Until one fateful day, when a gigantic, man-eating, furry monster appears on the playground at sunset! Can the Cupcaked Crusader save the town, or will Horace become monster chow?

About the Author

Lawrence David is a former children's book editor and the author of  Beetle Boy. 
Barry Gott is an illustrator of books and greeting cards.

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  •     My mommy bought me this book. I liked this book very much. It was very funny. I liked that the cupcaked crusader had superpowers because he ate cupcakes, that was exciting. The powers only last for a few hours and it was sad when he lost them. I like that this book is about a boy, there are many books about girls already. The pictures very neat too.I am now reading the second book and hope it is as good as the first one. Maybe it will be even better.

  •     This is coolio as my friend says. I also L-O-V-E it. Who wouldn't? Everybody would like if they read it. If you don't you're C-R-A-Z-Y! All the books are cool. It's so cool when Horace eats the cupcakes and you guess what superpowers he gets! His controling sis is so scientific!

  •     I bought this for an 8 year old who had read the others. He loved it and reads it over and over.

  •     I love when he eats the cupcakes! it is so cool man!read it now!I said now! go! go!go!read it I love it so moch. did I really write this when I was 6?

  •     My girls didn't like this book. Maybe a gender specific book. They found it boring. I didn't get into it either.

  •     Imagine what a news report this would be: Scientist Sister Creates Superhero Brother! It's certainly a story you'd want to read.Poor Horace Splatley is not only the shortest kid in town, he has a sister who is bigger and younger! After experimenting with a crazy recipe for strange purple cupcakes, she forces Horace to eat them and wear a purple costume. (It's sure not easy having mad scientist in the family!)But little Horace has the soul of a hero, and soon finds himself flying around town and confronting a giant guinea pig who appears in the schoolyard. Will Horace save the town? The story is fast-paced, very silly and very entertaining.Horace Splattley: The Cupcaked Crusader is sure to have young readers begging for a second helping of laughs.

  •     this is the best book you will ever read. it is about a kid who eats her sisters cupcakes and turns into a superheroe.he has to fight a giant monster and an evil scientist.this book is soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo cool!!!!!!!!!!!!!i hope you read it!


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