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Fog Magic

Press: Paw Prints (June 28, 2007)
Author Name:Sauer, Julia L.


One foggy day on the old Post Road, Greta notices the outline of a  house where no house has been for a hundred years. 
Then she spies a horsedrawn carriage carrying a woman in a plum-colored dress.
The woman beckons to Greta, and through the magic of the fog, Greta travels back in time to a mystical, long- gone village.
Countless adults warmly recall this book as a favorite from their own childhoods, and now a new generation of readers will delight in this wondrous adventure into the past.

About the Author

Julia L. 
Sauer (1891–1983) was a librarian and children’s author.
Her book The Light at Tern Rock also received a Newbery Honor.

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Comment List (Total:13)

  •     This was one of my favorite books as a young reader. I bought it for my niece but I read it again before I gave it to her. Still a wonderful story!

  •     Read this when I was little, now my daughter is reading it and loves it.

  •     One of my favorite books as a small child -- what a treat to have it back in my library now as an adult.

  •     A poignantly sweet rite of passage for a pre-teen girl. Many books for adolescents set boys as the protagonists so Greta is a welcome change.

  •     It is during World War II, and ten year old Greta Addington lives in the small fishing village of Little Valley near North Mountain in Nova Scotia, Canada, with her father Walter...

  •     Great, our favorite family book.

  •     I read this book when I was a pre teen and I loved it so much I kept it and read it to my children when they were growing up. I read it to my daughter so much it finally fell apart. Some of the pages got torn some fell completely out. My daughter kept it but you couldn't read it anymore. I was so excited when I saw I could order this book! My daughter got one to! It is such a great story! It came very quickly and it was brand new!

  •     Still love this book,and I'm close to 50

  •     A childhood favorite I'm now sharing with my granddaughter!

  •     This tale takes place in a little village in Nova Scotia. It is a coming of age tale of eleven year old Greta Addington. The story evolves from Greta's love of fog that leads to magical experiences in a long gone village, as Greta time travels through the magical fog to make friends and memories from a prior era. Greta must learn to manage the feelings between times past and the knowledge of events recorded in the present as she travels in the magical world of the fog.

  •     Loved this book as a kid. Wasn't sure if it would feel the same as an adult but it's just as magical. A great read aloud story for children as there is a lot of descriptive words for good use of the visual imagination!

  •     I read this book as a young girl until it completely fell apart. Great story!

  •     This is a book I picked out of my mother's vast library when I was kid. I'm 31 now and my mother is 60 and it is still a favorite from both of our childhoods.


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