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The Abominable Snowman (Choose Your Own Adventure)

Press: Chooseco (November 1, 2007)
Author Name:Montgomery, R. A./ Peguy, Laurence (ILT)


Armed with an ice axe and your mountaineering skills, you begin trekking into the Himalayan Mountains with one thing on your mind - finding the legendary Abominable Snowman! Known to locals as a "Yeti", your first clue is a sighting report near the Mt. 
Everest base camp.
You're traveling with your gifted climbing buddy Carlos, but when he goes missing, the element of danger heightens.
Have the Yetis captured Carlos? Should you follow the Yeti footprints away from your mangled aircraft to see where they lead? You have to find your friend, but you still want to make a Yeti discovery too!

About the Author

MONTGOMERY is an avid outdoorsman.
He has hiked in the Himalayas, climbed mountains in Europe, scuba-dived in Central America, and sailed in Franco-phone Africa.
He has lived in France, travels frequently to Asia, and calls Vermont home.
His interests include macroeconomics, geo-politics, mythology, history, mystery novels, and music.
He has two grown sons, a daughter-in-law, and two granddaughters.


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Comment List (Total:17)

  •     Got this as a gift set for a child - friend who doesn't like to read so much.I remember these from when I was a child. My brother liked them because you can "choose a path to follow" every few pages. It makes kids feel like they're taking part in an ACTIVE adventure... almost like a game. As a result, kids are more willing to sit down with the book and attempt reading.As a teacher, I've recommended this to so many parents as a means to get children interested in reading. Since reading motivation has a lot to do with confidence, books like this are a bonus because they're active, exciting and use very basic language. Any 4-6 grader should be able to pick these up and enjoy them.

  •     Everything was as explainedPrompt shipping

  •     So far so good...

  •     Great books, we will probably collect all of them!

  •     Kids loved them!

  •     Bought for 9 yo who gets bored w reading very quickly. Because story/endings can be relatively short, he is able to complete them & is interested to go back & try different choices/endings. I remember these from my own childhood & am happy to see him enjoying reading them.

  •     Bought this as a Christmas present, so it wasn't opened until Dec 25th. The "Space and Beyond" book wasn't read until just recently, as my son got a lot of books for...

  •     Very good book set for my 8 year old that is reading at a 6th grade level. He loves the stories and the variations!

  •     Loved that I was able to share these with my 9 year old. He thought they were "really cool"!

  •     Love that my boyfriends 7 year old daughter and 9 year old son had never heard of these- the boy loves to read them, the girl loves to have them read to her and be able to make...

  •     We have been looking for these books for some time now. When we found them on here we were so excited. We are a homeschool family and my husband and I wanted our children to be able to experience these books like we have. Exactly like they use to be :)

  •     I remembered the "Choose Your Own Adventures" fondly from my childhood, so for Christmas I bought the first set of books for my 5 1/2 yr old. While some of the text and concepts are still a little over his head occasionally, he really loves them. We work with him on reading and use the choices to encourage him to really think about what we have read as opposed to simply passive listening. The great part is... I don't remember the stories and I love getting to experience them again. Going to be buying the next set when I finish this review as we have read all of the first set of books pretty much through and through...I wish more of these types of books were written.Thanks!

  •     Had these sent to my friend's 8-year-old son. They arrived a few days ago, and he's already set one aside to bring to school next week. A hit!

  •     My nine year old loved these books, even though they're well beneath his reading level. He lost his daddy a few years back and identifies with anything that Daddy had done/read. When he found out that he enjoyed these books when he was little, he just had to have them. He reads them over and over, each time with a different twist. Very entertaining!

  •     I, like many other reviewers here, remember fondly reading these type of books as a child, flipping back and forth, reading all the twists to each excitingly different ending. My memory isn't sharp enough to say if these are the actual books or not. They seem much shorter now, but of course I'm now viewing them from an entirely different perspective.I bought this set for my daughter when she was 9, thinking that she would love the books as much as I did. I was mistaken. She blew through them and moved on. It's not that she doesn't enjoy reading, beause she does. But I think today's kids have so many more exciting things available to them than we did, so it just doesn't have the same effect. For us, these books were our video games of the time!So my advice to you would be to find just one of these books used, or borrow it at a library, and gauge your child's interest before buying these fairly expensive sets.

  •     My kids love these books and the many different endings!

  •     Great books!

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