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Money Madness (White House Ghosthunters #1)

Press: Aladdin (November 1, 1996)


When their mother becomes president of the United States, Molly  Wright and her brother James think that the White House is the perfect  place to test their detective skills and find adventure in a trunk of  old money and Lincoln's ghost.

From the Publisher

The White House is full of secrets!  It's the perfect place for Molly Wright and her brother James to be real sleuths, just like Nancy Drew. 
And now that their mom is the president, they've got plenty of opportunity to snoop around.
After all, they live there! And what an amazing place it is.
First they find a trunk full of old money in a secret passageway off Lincoln's bedroom.
And then Molly sees Lincoln's ghost roaming the halls.
It seems he's got something important to tell them -- something about the money.
They've got to figure out what it is...or be haunted forever.


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