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The Dragon That Ate Summer

Press:Apple Apple (July 1993)
Publication Date:Jul-93
Author Name:Brenda Seabrooke


After he breaks his collarbone, Alastair, upset that he cannot  go to camp, discovers a blue dragon-like creature in his mother's  garden. 
By the author of Judy Scuppernong.

From Kirkus Reviews

Alastair McKnight has just sabotaged his own summer plans by breaking his collarbone while careening along on a ``dog-powered skateboard train.'' Chafing at his confinement, he's delighted to find a tiny four-pound dragon, eating Mom's petunias. 
Alastair hides little ``Spike'' in his room, discovers that he's vegetarian, researches dragons in library books (could this benign specimen be Chinese?), and uses a mop to disguise Spike as a dog in order to walk him--his droppings are peculiarly noxious.
Eventually, the secret comes out, but researcher Uncle George- -with whom Alastair has been in correspondence--turns up just in time to guarantee that Alastair gets to keep his unusual pet.
A simple story, but Seabrooke (the widely praised Judy Scuppernong, 1990, etc.) tells it with humor and imagination, providing plenty of amusing details--especially the antics of Spike, a kittenish creature who bursts into flame only occasionally and, luckily, doesn't grow at all.
Appealing fantasy in a briskly drawn realistic setting.
8-11) -- Copyright ©1992, Kirkus Associates, LP.
All rights reserved.

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  •     love this author - it was nice to treat my daughter to something that was extremely inexpensive.she really loves this book

  •     Often sequels are not as good as the original but THE CARE AND FEEDING OF DRAGONS is every bit as funny and enjoyable as its predecessor THE DRAGON THAT ATE SUMMER! The same cast (including the hilarious boxer, Gruesome) returns, joined this time by a teacher who is a dragon, Alastair's schoolmates, and a pair of ineffectual dragonappers. With the help of his best friend Josh, Alastair foils the dragonappers and inches toward learning to think before acting. The personality of Spike the dragon deepens - is he beginning to grow, too? This reader hopes there will be more adventures of these characters!

  •     This book is a very good book because it really makes you feel that you are really in the story with the characters. This book is about a boy named Alastair. He found a blue baby dragon in his mother's petunia garden. Alastair called this baby dragon, 'Spike'. He takes care of Spike and hides him from his family because his sister says that she is allergic to animals so if she figures out that Alatair has a pet in the house, she will tell her parents and he would get in big trouble. The part when Alastair disguises Spike as a dog for the evening walk was kind of funny. I really recomand this book to people who likes to read fiction-dragon books.

  •     This kid, Alastair. He broke his arm and can't go to summer camp with his friends! Bummer. So, he wandering around his backyard, and finds a little dragon in his mothers flowerbed! Talk about a stroke of luck! He doesn't tell anyone. Would you? Uh, yah, hey mom, I found a dragon eating you petunias... yeah right! Now, this dragon really keeps him busy! Eventually, he tels his friend. But will everyone else find out too? Find out! It's so good, I've read it a couple of times myself :o)

  •     The book arrived quickly and the price was good. I was unable to find in library or in a book store so I was thrilled to get it due to fact that it was on granddaughters summer reading list.:)


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