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Secret of the Three Treasures

Press:Holiday House Holiday House (April 1, 2006)
Publication Date:2006-4
Author Name:Simner, Janni Lee


Tiernay Markowitz, pseudonym Tiernay West, is an adventurer. 
She moves with the stealth of a great cat of the African plains and can track a bicycle on dry pavement.
She has no use for ballet, fancy dresses, her mother's new--and frankly very dull--boyfriend or his nerdy, computer obsessed son, Kevin.
When Tiernay catches wind of possible buried treasure in her very own town, she's on the case.
Little does she know where this will lead--was running for her life, scaling cliffs in the middle of the night, or getting trapped underground really part of the plan?

From Booklist

Irrepressible middle-grader Tiernay West longs for her divorced father, who travels the globe doing research for his adventure novels.
Donning a straw hat that she fancies an adventurer would wear, she eavesdrops on her mother and their neighbors, eager to find a mystery.
After overhearing rumors about Revolutionary War gold buried in their Connecticut town, she leaps into action, and with help from her mother's boyfriend's geeky son, she sets out to find treasure--discovering something about her family roots along the way.
The plot's connections are a bit tenuous, and readers may lose interest in the story's genealogy angle.
But Tiernay's fierce self-confidence and individuality will appeal to many readers, and veterans of clique warfare and bullying will cheer her on as she exposes the school's biggest creep.
Simner tucks some lessons about responsibility, peer pressure, and accepting help into the story, so teachers may want to use this in character-education units.
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About the Author

Janni Lee Simner is the author of the Phantom Rider series. 
She not only writes for children, but for adults, magazines, and businesses.
She also designs websites.
She loves the big skies of her hometown Tucson and the wilderness in her own back yard that is just right for adventuring.


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  •     Tiernay West, whose business card reads: "Professional Adventurer," isn't your average girl. When she hears about a mystery in her hometown, she's on the case, even if she would rather be riding the Orient Express or searching for a crumbling scroll in the lost library of Alexandria. Because when you begin an adventure, "you have to start somewhere." Indeed. With her sidekick, allergy-ridden Kevin (the son of her mother's boyfriend), Tiernay solves the mystery her way. This is a very funny book, about a girl whose imaginative inner life swamps her real one, and her determination to live on her own terms.Fans of the Sammy Keyes series should love this one, and I hope to see more of Tiernay's adventures in print!

  •     Tiernay West is a marvelous character, overflowing with imagination, courage, and a love of adventure. Her sidekick in this adventure, Kevin, is your normal nerd-in-training, more comfortable with computers than a search for gold. Together they make a good team, cracking a mystery hundreds of years old even though the adults hardly even notice that there is a mystery. Tiernay's total faith in herself as an adventurer carries her through when anyone else would give up and go home to bed.The best thing about this book, though, is its humor. I loved Tiernay's watch, given to her by her divorced, adventurer father. It shows the time in different cities around the world, and she's always reporting the time in Kabul or Toronto or Singapore, rather than in her home town. That's suits her just fine, because she lives more in her imagination than in the real world. The humor isn't mean; it doesn't make fun of anyone, and that's the best (and hardest) humor there is.The great characters and humor easily carry the reader through a conclusion that is a bit pat and coincidental. All in all, though, a recommended read!

  •     Great little young adult mystery. Especially for you curious types. The charaters are fun, the writing is well polished and the plot keeps pulling you along.If you'ld like to find more of janni's stories, check out some of the young adult horror anthologies edited by bruce coville. ALSO, "GOTHIC! ten original dark tales" edited by deborah noyes. That anthology has a GREAT teen level horror/suspense story by Janni Lee Simner. Unfortunately it goesn't come up on the amazon search for simner.Gothic!: Ten Original Dark Tales


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