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The 2012 Prophecies: Heir of the Jaguar

Press: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform (January 12, 2012)
Author Name:Simone, L. P.


Adopted from Guatemala as an infant by an American archaeologist, Cory McClintock knows nothing about the culture of his birth, nor the ancient prophecy about the end of time predicted to come with the close of the Maya Calendar on December 21, 2012. 
Days before the approaching apocalypse, Cory is kidnapped and dragged back to Guatemala.
As the last living heir to the first Maya king, only Cory can satisfy the gods’ demand for human blood required by an ancient ritual.
But the gods aren’t the only ones hungry for a piece of Cory.
Only by killing him, can his biological uncle make himself a living god and rule the new creation predicted to rise from the ashes of the old one.
Cory has to choose: save himself, or a world reeling toward disaster.
The 2012 Prophecies won a Juvenile Fiction finalist medal in the Next Generation Indie Book Awards for 2012.
Available in both print and Kindle formats.



About the Author

For Next Generation Indie Book Award winning author L. 
Simone, it all started with a Master's Degree in Latin American Studies from Georgetown University.
Since then, Simone earned a Master's of Fine Arts in Children's Writing from Vermont College, worked as a school librarian in Washington, DC, and complained A LOT about the lack of good Maya Apocalypse stories.
After teaching English for four years to tour guides at Maya ruins in Guatemala, Simone decided enough was enough.
This book is the result.


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  •     L.P. Simone does a terrific job with this novel. Heir of the Jaguar is an exciting, fast-paced, action-packed adventure story. The teenage protagonist, Cory McClintock, is believable and likable and we root for him from page 1. This is a true page-turner from beginning to end. The author has done a very good job of making the reader understand the Maya civilization and the myths and prophecies inherent in the Maya calendar and culture. This is a knuckle-biter of a suspense novel, and I loved it. I'm hoping to read more from this writer.

  •     For a first time novel by Ms. Simone, this is a real page turner! The reader gets fully immersed in the challenges facing young Cory as he navigates through Central American rainforests and Mayan culture, history, ruins and tradition. If you like the Alex Rider series, you'll enjoy this book. This is a great read for those both young in body & heart!

  •     I read this because a friend gave it to me - not obviously something I would otherwise have read.And loved it - not least because I really had no idea what was about to...

  •     The "Heir of the Jaguar" is an exciting adventure story with a nifty Latin American twist. The fast-paced action and suspense will appeal to readers who loved the adventure trilogy, "The Hunger Games." The protagonist, Cory McClintock is an adopted Guatemalan teenager living in Washington DC. He is kidnapped and returned to his native Guatemala, where he discovers to his chagrin that he is the last heir to the Mayan dynasty and must make a blood sacrifice to avert the Mayan 2012 end of days apocalypse.Simone deftly weaves a great deal of Mayan heritage and contemporary Guatemalan culture into the tale, and the result is a rollicking, wild ride, that will both educate and delight. Like "The Hunger Games" the novel will satisfy both younger readers and adults. The writing style is crisp, witty and engaging throughout, and Simone includes an educational appendix with a glossary of Mayan cultural terms and sources for further exploration of Mayan culture.

  •     A book about a Mayan in present day. Amazing how Cory [or the world] seems doomed then,it completely turns. The author describes the rain forest in a wonderful way as well. I like how Cory [the main character] could be alive,today at first, then, it strays, though not far from reality. Interesting information about the Ancient Mayan's religion, particularly their costumes.

  •     This is the absolute best book I have ever read . It is a thrilling combination of fiction and adventure for a distant descendant of a mayan king. The story incorporates the elements of the 2012 prophecies with knowledge. This book is written in the eyes of a teenager named Cory McClintock who gets kidnapped by Mayans who are planning to sacrifice him for a new world after the end. THis book is written extremely well and I highly suggest it. Great For ages 10+. L.P.Simone is an amazing writer and I love her book.

  •     This book proves you can't go wrong with a Boy Saves World story. The author has chosen a unique frame (which also happens to be one of my favorite topics): the ancient cultures of Meso-America. The protagonist is appealing. There's plenty of action from the start. Although the topic is not exactly mainstream, YA readers (especially boys) will find it easy to relate to the young teen hero, Cory. The author has chosen to write from a first person present tense POV which is refreshing and helps the reader identify more closely with the protagonist. It's a quick, fun read, perfect for vacation - especially if you will be visiting that part of the world

  •     From the possible double meaning of the first sentence, "Cory McClintock, you are a dead man," I was hooked. The seeds of the complex story are laid out within the first chapter and we instantly like Cory, the smart, funny, brave teenager, the "heir of the jaguar." Ms. Simone has written a fast-paced, haunting, and thrilling book with cultural and historical information about the Maya seamlessly woven in. Her language is true to the voice of a teenager, beautifully evocative of place and scene, and the relationships between people intense and real. As the story progresses, layers of adventure are added that reach a very satisfying end. I wholeheartedly recommend this book for young adults and adults.

  •     "Heir of the Jaguar" moved quickly and was a great read - the writing style is dynamic and engaging, the characters were interesting and multi-faceted, and although I'm not exactly in the target audience, I found myself really relating to Cory. The author does a great job of getting the narrative "voice" right - Cory is unmistakeably a teenage boy, and the action picks up in the first few chapters and doesn't let up until the end.Definitely recommended for the teen or 'tween boy in your life - it'll be exciting enough to keep him interested, and he just might learn a little history along the way :-). Also, according to the author, a portion of the proceeds goes toward community outreach programs at Yaxha National Park in Guatemala's Peten - very cool!

  •     One of the best books for middle readers I've read recently. My 11-year old and I read this book aloud together and couldn't put it down. Hats off to Ms.


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