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Oliver's Wish: A Tale From the Garden

Press:Authorhouse AuthorHouse (January 25, 2012)
Author Name:Worthen, Diane


Oliver's Wish, a charming tale told in verse, is a tale of a wish come true that goes wrong. 
When the wooden flamingo Oliver's wish to fly, through an act of nature, comes true, it takes him on an adventurous and frightful flight in which he learns, through many mishaps, who and what he truly is and where he really wishes to be.

From the Author

"While painting in my garden, I became acquainted with the little garden creatures that were  to became the Others in my garden tales. 
I was soon sketching them into designs for T-shirts and cards.
When a tall wooden flamingo with creaking wings was placed in my garden, he  became the perfect protagonist for my garden tale, "Oliver's Wish", the first garden tale to be published."

About the Author

Diane Worthen, a SCBWI member, is the author and illustrator of severalchildren's picture books, two of which have been published: Oliver's Wish, in 2012 and Ira Caterpillar Learns to Scrump, in November, 2015. 
Both books are subtitled A Tale From the Garden.She is a native of Rhode Island, and an alumna of the Rhode Island Schoolof Design where she studied the fine arts, illustration and children'sbook design.
Currently she is living with her family on the southwest coast of Florida where she paints, illustrates and writes in herGarden Gossip Art Studio.Visit her online art gallery at gardengossipart.com


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  •     It is a wonderful book. Illustrations are beautiful and love the story. I bought it as a gift for my two great grandsons for Christmas.

  •     Love the characters and the art work. Cute story, very well written. The grandchildren just lived the book. Great addition to any child's library!

  •     I was so pleased with this purchase. All my children enjoy this story very much and the author's use of wonderfully imaginative art keeps the young readers attention as they follow along with Oliver on his adventure. I highly recommend this book to parents and grandparents. My kids can't wait for Oliver's next book of adventures !F. Petrone

  •     A perfect book for all youngsters. Beautifully written and fabulous illustrations.

  •     Delightful story and beautifully illustrated by the author

  •     beautifully written and illustrated by this very talented author. I have given all of my little people copies!

  •     This is a delightful book for young readers with beautiful illustrations by the author. It is a joy to read to my grandchildren. I purchased 2 more books to give as gifts to friends with young children.

  •     Very cute adventure book with a good reminder to just appreciate what you have!! Oliver and the other creatures are lovable creatures.


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