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A Never Land Book: Blood Tide [With Headphones] (Playaway Children)

Press: Findaway World (November 1, 2008)
Author Name:Pearson, Ridley


When an earthquake strikes Never Land Island, things begin to go terribly wrong. 
A mysterious barrel washes ashore and falls into the hands of Captain Hook, who hatches an evil plan.The once-peaceful mermaids, who have always been friends to the natives, have turned violent.
When the mermaids injure some members of the Mollusk tribe, the warriors have no choice but to fight back.Meanwhile, the boys and Shining Pearl and Little Scallop set off on a secret mission to try to make peace with the mermaids.
Instead, they’re captured, and while in captivity they discover the cause of the problem—Blood Tide is poisoning the lagoon and will eventually kill the mermaids.With time running out, the children must figure out a way to save the mermaids and to stop Captain Hook, whose plan threatens to destroy the Mollusk village and change life on Never Land Island forever.

From AudioFile

The superlative narration skills of Jim Dale are well employed in this enjoyable installment of the Never Land stories. 
Dale maintains an exciting yet comprehendible pace as an earthquake strikes Never Land Island and the Lost Boys manage the ensuing trouble without the help of Peter Pan.
Dale's voice truly shines in bringing to life the characters of Captain Hook, who devises an evil plan to use a mysterious barrel that washed ashore, and Fighting Prawn, the peaceful leader of the native Mollusk Tribe.
When the usually serene mermaids suddenly turn violent and attack anyone in the water with their needle-sharp teeth, Dale portrays them with angry hisses.
With the authors' whimsical story and Dale's outstanding characterizations, this is a delight for children and adults.
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Comment List (Total:13)

  •     Good book

  •     Blood Tide is aimed at a younger market than the Starcatcher Peter Pan prequel books but that doesn't mean it's not as good.

  •     Great Book! My 8yr old loves reading it!!

  •     It's the beginning of another nice, sunny day when Neverland Island is struck by an earthquake. Overall, the damage is fairly minimal, but the Lost Boys' underground hideaway is...

  •     Everything was great.

  •     My problem is that I thought I was ordering the book in CD format, but got a MP3 format instead. Bummer. No way to return for another format.

  •     Anyone who hasn't read this entire series, is really missing out!We're still searching for one last book to complete the series of 8 books. We're almost there with our 7.This is a great story that leaves you wanting more!

  •     My children have enjoyed reading Ridley Pearson's books. They have used this one for a book report and really like the story.

  •     this book is going around the family.

  •     Good addition to the series. Nice to see the Lost Boys in action without Peter to save the day.

  •     Good book, not in the best conditions for the price however.

  •     I love all of these books. They're great for kids, I have shared them with my students. I would highly recommend this series of books.

  •     I was thinking as I read this third book of this series that it has been a lot of FUN reading them. Some books may be great books but are not necessarily a "fun" read.


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