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Makayla's Rainbow

Press: America Star Books (March 28, 2011)
Author Name:Phinney, Patty McCoy


Patty has been writing for over twenty years, but never was serious about getting her work published until recently. 
Makayla's Rainbow is an adventurous, humorous, magical story about a young girl who seeks the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.
She has many trials to overcome.
Makayla has a magic sketchbook which helps her throughout her journey in the land of Wobniar.
She finally determines that her selfishness could cause someone she loves to lose their life.
So she begins to give and finds out she receives more than she ever imagined.
One person can make a difference.


Children's Books,Action & Adventure

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  •     Cute story about a young girl who would do anything to help her family and town. Makayla lives in the poor town of Hum-Drum. Everything in Hum-Drum is falling apart, so when Makayla learns there is a put of gold at the end of the rainbow she sets of to find it. Along her way she makes some very unexpected friends and learns about the strength of love, friendship and greed. Highly recommended story for elementary and tween-aged children.


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