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Tom Swift and His Giant Cannon

Press: 1st World Library - Literary Society (September 20, 2005)
Publication Date:2005-9
Author Name:Appleton, Victor


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Swift, you may think it all a sort of dream, and imagine that I don't know what I'm talking about; but I do! If you'll consent to finance this expedition to the extent of, say, ten thousand dollars, I'll practically guarantee to give you back five times that sum.
"I don't know, Alec, I don't know," slowly responded the aged inventor.
"I've heard those stories before, and in my experience nothing ever came of them.
Buried treasure, and lost vessels filled with gold, are all well and good, but hunting for an opal mine on some little-heard-of island goes them one better." "Then you don't feel like backing me up in this matter, Mr.


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  •     I read some of the Tom Swift stories as a child, and thought the nostalgia would carry me through. I should have known better. This critiique applies to all of the Tom Swift books that I bought

  •     After three years of producing Tom Swift books at a pace of five a year this is the first book where the publishing rate drops down to one a year. There is a certain nostalgic charm to the original Tom Swift but they really did feel like books written in a couple or months. I was kind of hoping we'd see an improvement in writing this time around but it feels like a very average Tom Swift book.Tom Swift would be described as a polymath, in other words his area of expertise is incredibly broad. He's shown skills in aeronautics, radio, movie projects and just about anything scientific. This time he's showing his skills with ballistics. Just as in the previous book he's doing it for the U.S. government. Tom's intention is to sell his gigantic cannon to the U.S. so they can use it to defend the newly dug Panama Canal. So now Tom is designing weapons of war. Yikes.I may be imagining but I do think I detect an improvement in quality. One thing I did like that the series hasn't done in awhile is actually include some real science. I legitimately learned some stuff about explosives and ballistics that I didn't know. The writer really gets into the ins and outs of building a massive cannon which is a big departure from the recent stories which devolved into adventure stories. Unfortunately the ending of the book is absolutely absurd and childish. Hopefully now that the writer reduced his output by 500% we'll see even more improvements to the quality of the writing.


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