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  • Amazon Adventure

    Press:Jonathan Cape; First Edition edition (May 1983) Jonathan Cape
    Publication Date:1983-05
    Author:Willard Price
    Hal and Roger Hunt crash-land into the middle of a pioneering expedition to the unmapped regions of the greatest jungle on earth: the Amazon. And when their mission to explore the uncharted territory
    Children's Books,Action & Adventure

  • Running Wild

    Press:HarperCollins Children's Books (September 1, 2009)
    Publication Date:2009-9
    Author:Michael Morpurgo
    An epic and heart-rending jungle adventure from the bestselling author of Kaspar and Born to Run. For Will and his mother, going to Indonesia isn't just a holiday. It's an escape, a new start, a chan
    Children's Books,Action & Adventure,Animals

  • Lost On The Amazon (Choose Your Own Adventure)

    Press:Chooseco (November 1, 2007)
    Author:Montgomery, R. A./ Millet, Jason (ILT)
    Lost On The Amazon by R. A. Montgomery takes YOU on an adventure to the magical Amazon River basin, home to the greatest biodiversity on planet Earth. 9-12 year old readers will trek through the jungl
    Children's Books,Action & Adventure

  • Up, Up, Up! [With CD (Audio)] (A Barefoot Singalong)

    Press:Barefoot Books; Rei/Com edition (March 1, 2010)
    Publication Date:2010-3
    Author:Reed, Susan; Oldfield, Rachel;
    This airborne adventure takes readers ballooning over lands near and far, all the way to the stars. The singalong song on the accompanying CD keeps spirits high, while the rhyming and playful text int
    Children's Books,Action & Adventure

  • Project UFO (Choose Your Own Adventure #27)

    Press:Paw Prints 2007-11-30 (November 30, 2007)
    Author:Montgomery, Anson
    Children's Books,Action & Adventure

  • Impetuous R., Secret Agent

    Press:Hyperion Book CH (August 26, 2008)
    Author:Conly, Jane Leslie/ Leick, Bonnie (ILT)
    Impetuous (Impy) Roach and his pals Shiny and Demoare pests. Or so the humans would have you think. They're young roaches, after all.The adult roaches don't seem to care much about their contributions
    Children's Books,Action & Adventure,Growing Up & Facts of Life

  • Mangrove Underground

    Press:The Chenault Publishing Group, LLC (January 6, 2011)
    Publication Date:2011-1
    Author:Jackson, Tim W.
    USA Book News "Best Books 2011" Award finalist in literary fiction Mangrove Underground is part Florida eco-mystery and part coming of age narrative that subverts the expectations of both g
    Children's Books,Action & Adventure

  • Your Life, but Sweeter

    Press:Delacorte Books for Young Readers (December 28, 2010)
    Author:Velasquez, Crystal
    Your Life, but . . . is the only series that lets your true personality lead the way! In this book, you are the main character, so the narrator talks directly to you about everything that’s happ
    Children's Books,Action & Adventure

  • Joey's adventures by the sea. Vol. 1 JELLYFISH EVERYWHERE! (Joey's Adventures By the Sea)

    Press:Freefox Publishing; 1st edition (February 15, 2008)
    Author:Tegan, Maria Grace/ Tegan-olsen, Sandra (ILT)
    Joey lives near a small beach on Boston Harbor. When he invites his friends to go fishing with him one afternoon, they all learn a surprising lesson. JELLYFISH EVERYWHERE is the first in a series of e
    Children's Books,Action & Adventure

  • Dogsong

    Press:Perfection Learning (May 1, 2007)
    Publication Date:2007-5
    Author:Paulsen, Gary
    IN THE OLD DAYS THERE WERE SONGSSomething is bothering Russel Susskit. He hates waking up to the sound of his father's coughing, the smell of diesel oil, the noise of snow machines starting up.Only Oo
    Children's Books,Action & Adventure

  • Young Bond Hurricane Gold

    Press:Puffin (June 17, 2008)
    As the sun blazes over the Caribbean island of Lagrimas Negras, its bloodthirsty ruler is watching and waiting. Criminals come here to hide, with blood on their hands and escape on their minds. On t
    Children's Books,Action & Adventure,Literature & Fiction

  • Jimmy Coates: Survival

    Press:HarperCollins Children's Books (April 1, 2008)
    Publication Date:2008-4
    Author:Craig, Joe
    Fifth title and a stunning new look for Jimmy Coates - part boy, part weapon, totally deadly! Can Jimmy save his family AND prevent a war? The choice is simple. The decision is deadly.
    Children's Books,Action & Adventure,Literature & Fiction

  • The Dread Crew: Pirates of the Backwoods

    Press:Nimbus Publishing (May 1, 2010)
    When Eric Stewart starts finding mysterious objects in the woods near his house, marked with the unmistakable sign of piratesóskull and crossbonesóhe does what any young boy would do: He bec
    Children's Books,Action & Adventure

  • House Of Danger (Choose Your Own Adventure)

    Press:Chooseco (November 1, 2007)
    Author:Montgomery, R. A./ Sundaravej, Sittisan (ILT)/ Thongmoon, Kriangsak (ILT)
    Beware and Warning! This book is different from other books. You and YOU ALONE are in charge of what happens in this story. There are dangers, choices, adventures and consequences. YOU must use all
    Children's Books,Action & Adventure

  • The Wicket Chronicles: Ice Road (Wickit Chronicles)

    Press:Andersen Press (March 18, 2008)
    Author:Lennon, Joan
    In the harshest winter in living memory, the vast waterways of the Fens are frozen solid, transformed into an Ice Road. Ideal conditions for a surprise invasion by young King Arnald’s banished u
    Children's Books,Action & Adventure

  • Katie and the Mona Lisa

    Press:Orchard Books (September 23, 1999)
    Author:Mayhew, James
    Five famous Italian Renaissance paintings come alive for Katie when she steps into the picture frames. What makes the Mona Lisa smile? Katie wants to find out so she climbs into the Leonardo Da Vinci
    Children's Books,Action & Adventure

  • Puffin Modern Classics Carries War

    Press:Puffin (May 31, 2005)
    Publication Date:2005-5
    Author:Nina Bawden
    Albert, Carrie and young Nick are war-time evacuees whose lives get so tangled up with the people they've come to live among that the war and their real families seem to belong to another world. Carri
    Children's Books,Action & Adventure,Literature & Fiction

  • Charlie Small: Destiny Mountain

    Press:David Fickling Books (August 6, 2009)
    Publication Date:2009-8
    Author:Charlie Small
    ORIGINALLY PUBLISHED AS: THE DAREDEVIL DESPERADOS OF DESTINY This fourth volume of Charlie Small's journal was found by one of our editors propped behind a bottle at the back of a dusty bar in the val
    Children's Books,Action & Adventure

  • Poppleton Everyday

    Press:Paw Prints 2008-04-25 (April 25, 2008)
    Author:Rylant, Cynthia/ Teague, Mark (ILT)
    Poppleton the pig goes stargazing, tries out a new bed before he buys it, and goes sailing for the first time.
    Children's Books,Action & Adventure

  • The Island Hunters: Book II - Trail of the Tomb Robbers (Hardcover)

    Press:nGallerie Studios; 1 edition (December 23, 2016)
    Author:Walford, N. E. (ILT)
    Down in the Caribbean, the Hunter boys have stumbled upon a secret. And J.B. suspects that his pirate loving Great Grandfather is its keeper. When digging around his castle finally uncovers something
    Children's Books,Action & Adventure

  • Knight's Castle

    Author:Eager, Edward/ Bodecker, N. M. (ILT)
    Roger, Anne, Eliza, and Jack find a magic way to go back into the time of Robin Hood, Rebecca, and Ivanhoe.
    Children's Books,Action & Adventure

  • Red Dog

    Press:San Val (September 2002)
    Author:Wallace, Bill
    Living with his family in the rugged, often dangerous, Wyoming mountains in the 1860's, twelve-year-old Adam finds his courage put to the test when he is left in charge of the household during his ste
    Children's Books,Action & Adventure

  • Mission: Survival: Gold of the Gods

    Press:Red Fox (July 8, 2008) Random House Children's Publishers UK
    Publication Date:2008-6
    Author:Grylls, Bear
    Lost in the jungle! Bruno is on a trip to Colombia in his school holidays. His anthropologist uncle has taken him along on a visit to Don Rafael de Castillo, a descendent of a great explorer who is cl
    Children's Books,Action & Adventure

  • Lizzie and Charley Go Shopping (Kosmic kicks)

    Press:Walker Books Ltd (February 7, 2000)
    Publication Date:2000-2
    Author:Dyan Sheldon
    Lizzie can't wait to go shopping with her best friend Charley. When her strange neighbour, Mrs Moscos, warns them not to go into Happy Burger they don't listen. One minute they're looking at the menu
    Children's Books,Action & Adventure

  • A Horse's Tale: Ten Adventures in 100 Years

    Press:Parenting Pr (December 1, 1988)
    Publication Date:1988-12
    Author:Luenn, Nancy; Pope, Connie J.;
    A wooden toy horse, passed from child to child, introduces us to ten children who lived in ten different decades and different parts of Washington state. Starting with an 11-year-old on an 1890s wheat
    Children's Books,Action & Adventure

  • The BogeyBugz in 4 Environmental Adventures (Set 1)

    Press:PPP Comapny Ltd; 1 edition (October 31, 2007)
    Publication Date:2007-10
    Author:Martin Lever
    Nobody nose where they came from. But they re here, hand-picked to save the world. Before bedtime. Introducing the BOGEYBUGZ - five fun-loving, thrill-seeking viral blobs on a mission to save our plan
    Children's Books,Action & Adventure

  • My Teacher Flunked the Planet (My Teachers Books)

    Author:Coville, Bruce/ Pierard, John (ILT)
    FOR USE IN SCHOOLS AND LIBRARIES ONLY. Touring the planet in order to file a report about the Earth's future in the universe, Peter Thompson comes face to face with ""Big Julie,"" the strangest alien
    Children's Books,Action & Adventure

  • Secret Of The Ninja (Choose Your Own Adventure)

    Press:Chooseco (November 1, 2007)
    Author:Leibold, Jay/ Nugent, Suzanne (ILT)
    Beware and Warning! This book is different from other books. You and YOU ALONE are in charge of what happens in this story. There are dangers, choices, adventures and consequences. YOU must use all
    Children's Books,Action & Adventure

  • Sabotage

    Press:HarperCollins Children's Books (October 1, 2007)
    Publication Date:2007-10
    Author:Craig, Joe
    Jimmy Coates embarks on his fourth adventure in his ongoing mission to out-think / out-manouevre and outwit NJ7. If you think it's over, think again..."Jimmy closed his eyes, searching for that power
    Children's Books,Action & Adventure

  • Cup of Death (Choose Your Own Adventure #13)

    Press:Chooseco (November 1, 2007)
    Author:Gilligan, Shannon/ Nugent, Suzanne (ILT)
    Beware and Warning! This book is different from other books. You and YOU ALONE are in charge of what happens in this story. There are dangers, choices, adventures, and consequences. YOU must use al
    Children's Books,Action & Adventure

  • The Island Hunters: Book III - The Legend of Brown Eyed James (Hardcover)

    Press:nGallerie Studios; 1 edition (December 23, 2016)
    Author:Walford, N. E. (ILT)
    The Streets of Kingston is the new destination and a sinister plot the latest discovery when the Hunter boys return to the island to stay. While investigating the parish of Port Royal, the birthplace
    Children's Books,Action & Adventure

  • The Day of the Djinn Warriors (Children of the Lamp)

    Author:Kerr, P. B.
    From the NEW YORK TIMES bestselling author P. B. Kerr comes the fourth volume in this exceptional, imaginative adventure series about a brother and sister who discover they are djinns.Djinn twins John
    Children's Books,Action & Adventure

  • Trouble On Planet Earth (Choose Your Own Adventure)

    Press:Chooseco (November 1, 2007)
    Author:Montgomery, R. A./ Trod, Mariano (ILT)/ Griglio, Claudio (ILT)/ Rossi, Andres (ILT)
    Beware and Warning! This book is different from other books. You and YOU ALONE are in charge of what happens in this story. There are dangers, choices, adventures and consequences. YOU must use all
    Children's Books,Action & Adventure

  • The Wickit Chronicles: Fen Gold

    Press:Andersen Press (October 23, 2007)
    Publication Date:2007-10
    Author:Lennon, Joan
    Trouble is heading for Wickit Monastery on the sweltering summer Fens — from the King’s court comes Cedric; then Rane, a beautiful Norse girl, arrives with her hulking henchman. But what a
    Children's Books,Action & Adventure

  • Charlie Small: Frostbite Pass

    Press:David Fickling Books (August 6, 2009)
    Publication Date:2009-8
    Author:Charlie Small
    At the end of his fifth journal, Charlie Small rocketed out of the strange and dark Underworld, over desert sands and a snowy white mountain range. With a table cloth over his head and a cushion strap
    Children's Books,Action & Adventure

  • The Twenty-One Balloons (Turtleback School & Library Binding Edition) (Puffin Newbery Library)

    Press:Turtleback (April 1, 1986)
    Publication Date:1986-5
    Author:Du Bois, William Pene
    FOR USE IN SCHOOLS AND LIBRARIES ONLY. Relates the incredible adventures of Professor William Waterman Sherman who in 1883 sets off in a balloon across the Pacific, survives the volcanic eruption of K
    Children's Books,Action & Adventure,Literature & Fiction

  • The Secrets of Dynamite Point (Angela and Emmie Adventures)

    Press:Nimbus Publishing (September 1, 2009)
    Author:Schwarzkopf, Tom
    Angela and Emmie want to make the soccer team next year at school, so they're committed to walking an hour a day to get fit. They're soon venturing far out of town and discover a beautiful and mysteri
    Children's Books,Action & Adventure

  • Barnaby Grimes: Phantom of Blood Alley

    Press:David Fickling Books (May 11, 2010)
    Publication Date:2010-5
    Barnaby Grimes is a tick-tock lad, high-stacking his way across the rooftops of his city in search of adventure and mystery. In each tale, he encounters a supernatural force and must battle the horror
    Children's Books,Action & Adventure

  • Dan and the Mudman

    Press:Frances Lincoln Children's Books (March 24, 2009)
    Author:Zucker, Jonny
    The first day in a new school is always tough, but for Dan it’s been a nightmare. He’s already had a run-in with Steve Fenton, the school’s notorious bully. Steve’s not just a
    Children's Books,Action & Adventure

  • Hurricane Gold (A Young James Bond Adventure)(Young Bond Series, Book 4)

    Press:Blackstone Audio, Inc.; MP3CD Unabridged edition (March 1, 2010)
    Author:Higson, Charlie
    Book 4 in the Young Bond Series. As the sun blazes over the Caribbean island of Lagrimas Negras, its bloodthirsty ruler is watching and waiting. Criminals come here to hide, with blood on their hands
    Children's Books,Action & Adventure,Mystery, Thriller & Suspense,Mystery

  • Screaming Eagles (Frightmares (Paperback))

    Press:Aladdin (December 30, 2008)
    Publication Date:2008-12
    Author:Kehret, Peg
    Mountain terror!Rosie Saunders and Kayo Benton were in the woods, watching bald eagles through their binoculars, when they saw the red-jacketed man climbing below the nest. Suddenly he reached up, sna
    Children's Books,Action & Adventure

  • Terror on the Titanic (Choose Your Own Adventure)

    Author:Wallace, James/ Sundaravej, Sittisan (ILT)
    Terror on the Titanic by Jim Wallace takes YOU back in time to an historical adventure aboard the infamous Titanic. 9-12 year old readers will explore the world's most luxurious ship and study how it
    Children's Books,Action & Adventure

  • Simon and Catapult Man's Perilous Playground Adventure

    Press:Nimbus Publishing (September 1, 2009)
    Author:Smiley, Norene
    Simon and his daring sidekick, Catapult Man, navigate the dangers of the neighborhood playground. Kids will love following this precocious pair as they launch off rocket boosters (swings), evade space
    Children's Books,Action & Adventure

  • The Escape (Island (PB))

    Press:Perfection Learning (July 1, 2001)
    Publication Date:2001-7
    Author:Korman, Gordon
    Luke, Charla, Will, Lyssa, J.J., and Ian aren't alone on their desert island. They've survived so far -- but now their enemies are closing in. They have only one chance to escape. Will they make it?
    Children's Books,Action & Adventure

  • Five Fall into Adventure (Famous Five)

    Press:Hodder Children's Books; New Ed edition (March 19, 1997)
    Publication Date:1997-3
    Author:Blyton, Enid
    Julian, Dick, Anne, George and Timmy the dog find excitement and adventure wherever they go in Enid Blyton's most popular series. In book nine, the Famous Five are really worried - George and her dev
    Children's Books,Action & Adventure

  • The Brilliant Dr. Wogan (Choose Your Own Adventure)

    Press:Chooseco (November 1, 2007)
    Author:Montgomery, R. A./ Trod, Mariano (ILT)/ Griglio, Claudio (ILT)
    Beware and Warning! This book is different from other books. You and YOU ALONE are in charge of what happens in this story. There are dangers, choices, adventures and consequences. YOU must use all
    Children's Books,Action & Adventure

  • Young Bond Hurricane Gold

    Press:Puffin (June 17, 2008)
    Publication Date:2008-5
    Author:Higson, Charlie
    As the sun blazes over the Caribbean island of Lagrimas Negras, its bloodthirsty ruler is watching and waiting. Criminals come here to hide, with blood on their hands and escape on their minds. On t
    Children's Books,Action & Adventure,Literature & Fiction

  • Money Madness (White House Ghosthunters #1)

    Press:Aladdin (November 1, 1996)
    When their mother becomes president of the United States, Molly Wright and her brother James think that the White House is the perfect place to test their detective skills and find adventure in a tr
    Children's Books,Action & Adventure

  • Hogsty Reef (Turtleback School & Library Binding Edition) (Caribbean Island Eco-Adventure)

    Press:Turtleback (April 1, 1999)
    Publication Date:1999-4
    Author:Dowd, John
    FOR USE IN SCHOOLS AND LIBRARIES ONLY. While working on a summer research project to study reef ecology on a tropical island, Jim befriends a Haitian refugee and uncovers a drug smuggling operation.
    Children's Books,Action & Adventure

  • Pinocchio

    Press:Blackstone Audio, Inc.; Unabridged edition (December 1, 2009)
    Author:Collodi, Carlo
    When the old woodcarver Geppetto decides to make a puppet boy to dance and turn summersaults, he doesn't know that he has chosen a magical piece of wood. To his amazement, his puppet can talk and play
    Children's Books,Action & Adventure

  • Sirens (Tik and Tok Adventures)

    Press:MCCM Creations; 1 edition (January 1, 2004) MCCM
    Publication Date:2004-9
    Author:Peter Suart
    Will our heroes survive the deadly call of the song? Will the children’s enchantment be broken? Questions will never stop?
    Children's Books,Action & Adventure

  • How to Twist a Dragon's Tale: Book 5 (How to Train Your Dragon)

    Press:Hodder Children's Books (February 4, 2010) Hodder Childrens
    Publication Date:2010-2-4
    Author:Cressida Cowell
    Read the books that inspired the How to Train Your Dragon films! This book will be a hit with children and adults alike. THE STORY CONTINUES in the fifth volume of Hiccup's How to Train Your Dragon m
    Children's Books,Action & Adventure

  • Wild River

    Press:Delacorte Books for Young Readers; 1 edition (June 9, 2009)
    Publication Date:2009-6
    Author:Petersen, P.J.
    It’s Ryan versus the river in a race against time to save his brother’s life.When twelve-year-old Ryan reluctantly agrees to join his experienced older brother Tanner on a camping trip, he
    Children's Books,Action & Adventure

  • Charlie Small: The Puppet Master's Prison

    Press:David Fickling Books (August 6, 2009)
    Publication Date:2009-8
    Author:Charlie Small
    FIRST PUBLISHED AS: THE PUPPET MASTER No one knows the full story of Charlie Small. At least, not yet. His original battered journal was found washed up on a remote, windswept shore in the north of En
    Children's Books,Action & Adventure

  • Beneath the Mask: The Grassland Trilogy: Book 2 (Grassland Trilogy (Paperback))

    Press:Harry N. Abrams; Reprint edition (July 1, 2009)
    Publication Date:2009-7
    Author:Ward, David
    Suspenseful and engrossing, Beneath the Mask continues the story of Coriko, Pippa, and the expanding world of Grassland. After escaping the deadly warrior Spears, Coriko is finally free to take h
    Children's Books,Action & Adventure

  • Round Trip (Turtleback School & Library Binding Edition) (Reading Rainbow Books (Pb))

    Press:Turtleback Books (October 26, 1990)
    Publication Date:1997-1
    Author:Jonas, Ann
    FOR USE IN SCHOOLS AND LIBRARIES ONLY. Silhouettes illustrate a family's trip to a large city and their return trip home to the country.
    Children's Books,Action & Adventure,Literature & Fiction

  • Trapped In Death Cave (Turtleback School & Library Binding Edition)

    Press:Turtleback (September 1, 2002)
    Publication Date:2002-9
    Author:Wallace, Bill
    FOR USE IN SCHOOLS AND LIBRARIES ONLY. Gary suspects his Granmpa was murdered for a million dollars in gold hidden in a cave. Gary and his friend Brian are sure that if they find the gold, they will a
    Children's Books,Action & Adventure,Literature & Fiction

  • The Lemonade Stand (Banana Advenures Presents)

    Press:Banana Press; First edition (March 15, 2008)
    Author:Conrad, Catherine/ Schultz, Evan (ILT)
    The Banana Lady, a seven foot banana known as Banana and her best friend Spike, a monkey, decide to open a lemonade stand. This is a brightly illustrated picture book that appeals to all ages, but is
    Children's Books,Action & Adventure

  • Rufus M.

    Press:Paw Prints; Reprint edition (April 9, 2009)
    Author:Estes, Eleanor/ Slobodkin, Louis (ILT)
    You've never met anyone quite like Rufus Moffat. He gets things done, but he gets them done his way. When he wants to check out library books, Rufus teaches himself to write...even though he doesn't y
    Children's Books,Action & Adventure

  • Doctor Dolittle Meets the Pushmi-Pullyu: A Doctor Dolittle Chapter Book

    Press:Yearling (July 13, 1999) Yearling
    Publication Date:1999-7-13
    Author:N.H. Kleinbaum
    Doctor Dolittle must sail to Africa with his animal family. The monkeys are sick, and they need his help. Doctor Dolittle has some amazing adventures on his journey, and even meets the rarest of all a
    Children's Books,Action & Adventure,Animals

  • Captain Flinn and the Pirate Dinosaurs the Missing Treasure

    Press:Puffin (July 29, 2008)
    Publication Date:2008-6
    Author:Andreae, Giles
    Giles Andreae and Russell Ayto's super-fun Captain Flinn and the Pirate Dinosaurs: Missing Treasure! When Flinn first met the Pirate Dinosaurs, he thought that he had taught them a lesson. But the re
    Children's Books,Action & Adventure

  • Jack Sweettooth

    Press:Young Corgi (October 27, 2007)
    Publication Date:2008-1
    Author:Blackman, Malorie
    Jackson Winstanley Sweettooth (or Jack for short) is a mouse who lives with Matthew and the rest of the Bailey family. He gets the blame for a lot of things - Mrs Bailey thinks he's swallowed her ruby
    Children's Books,Action & Adventure

  • Pirate School a Very Fishy Battle

    Press:Puffin (September 25, 2007)
    Publication Date:2007-8
    Author:Strong, Jeremy
    Patagonia Clatterbottom is very cross. Other pirates have ambushed the Pirate School's food. So, she's going to teach the children – Smudge, Flo, Ziggy and Corkella – how to make a proper
    Children's Books,Action & Adventure,Literature & Fiction

  • Pirate vs. Pirate: The Terrific Tale of a Big, Blustery Maritime Match

    Press:Hyperion Book CH; Complete Numbers Starting with 1, 1st Ed edition (March 22, 2011)
    Publication Date:2011-3
    Author:Quattlebaum, Mary; Boiger, Alexandra; Boiger, Alexandra
    Bad Bart is the biggest, burliest boy pirate in the Atlantic. Mean Mo is the maddest, mightiest girl pirate in the Pacific. When they meet in the middle, it’s a no-holds-barred contest to see wh
    Children's Books,Action & Adventure

  • The Worst-Case Scenario: Everest (An Ultimate Adventure Novel)

    Press:Chronicle Books; Ina edition (March 16, 2011)
    Publication Date:2011-3
    Author:Borgenicht, David
    An interactive adventure like no other! On this epic climb up Mount Everest, readers are part of the youngest team ever to climb the world's tallest peak. Only YOU can make the right choice about your
    Children's Books,Action & Adventure

  • Falling Uphill: Dreams for the young adventurer and the young at heart

    Press:The Argonauts (January 1, 2010)
    Publication Date:2010-1
    Author:Stoll, Scott
    Falling Uphill: The Young Adult Edition.The true story of one man's quest around the world on a bicycle seeking the meaning of life.After critical acclaim and much anticipation, Falling Uphill fo
    Children's Books,Action & Adventure

  • Pugwash the Smuggler (Captain Pugwash)

    Press:Frances Lincoln Children's Books; Facsimile edition (October 27, 2009)
    Author:Ryan, John
    Jolly Captain Pugwash is delighted at the prospect of earning 500 golden crowns for smuggling barrels of brandy across the English Channel. But little does he suspect what’s really inside the ba
    Children's Books,Action & Adventure

  • Charlie Small: The Mummy's Tomb

    Press:David Fickling Books (August 6, 2009)
    Publication Date:2009-8
    Author:Charlie Small
    Prepare to be utterly amazed by the latest instalment of Charlie Small's incredible yet 100% true adventures. On his way to Jakeman's factory, Charlie is grabbed by Tristram Twitch, who sends him off
    Children's Books,Action & Adventure

  • Ronia, The Robber's Daughter (Turtleback School & Library Binding Edition)

    Press:Turtleback Books; School & Library ed. edition (February 5, 1985)
    Publication Date:1985-2
    Author:Lindgren, Astrid
    FOR USE IN SCHOOLS AND LIBRARIES ONLY. Ronia, who lives with her father and his band of robbers in a castle in the woods, causes trouble when she befriends the son of a rival robber chieftain.
    Children's Books,Action & Adventure

  • Alice's World Record

    Press:Andersen Press (April 25, 2006)
    Author:Kennemore, Tim
    Alice is the one in the middle. Little sister Rosie is almost always very naughty, and big brother Oliver is never wrong, and he never loses at anything. Then the family drive to see their grandparent
    Children's Books,Action & Adventure

  • Calling the Shots: Mission: Get Into Show Biz! (Mel Beeby Agent Angel)

    Press:HarperCollins UK (June 1, 2008)
    Publication Date:2008-6
    Author:Dalton, Annie
    Mel gets "the call," a strange, out-of-body experience that tells Angel Academy students that they are ready for their first guardian angel module. At first, it seems like a suitably fluffy assignment
    Children's Books,Action & Adventure

  • Fog Magic

    Press:Paw Prints (June 28, 2007)
    Author:Sauer, Julia L.
    One foggy day on the old Post Road, Greta notices the outline of a house where no house has been for a hundred years. Then she spies a horsedrawn carriage carrying a woman in a plum-colored dress. T
    Children's Books,Action & Adventure

  • Curious George in the Snow

    Press:Paw Prints; Reprint edition (April 9, 2009)
    Author:Rey, Margret/ Rey, H. A.
    A curious monkey causes quite a commotion on the ski slopes.
    Children's Books,Action & Adventure

  • Look Out, Secret Seven (The Secret Seven)

    Press:Hodder Children's Books; Rev Ed edition (2002)
    What on earth would the Secret Seven do without Scamper the spaniel? First he discovers an unwanted visitor - then he protects them as they spy on a thief late at night in Bramley Woods!
    Children's Books,Action & Adventure

  • Nana Star

    Press:ee publishing & productions. llc; 1st edition (December 1, 2007)
    Author:Sills, Elizabeth/ Patrice, Elena/ Linda Saker (ILT)
    What do you do with a lost baby star who misses his Nana? One little girl knows just what to do: become Nana Star! The adventure begins when a little girl finds a tiny star in a pile of leaves while s
    Children's Books,Action & Adventure

  • The Invasion of the Shag Carpet Creature (Horace Splattly, the Cupcaked Crusader)

    Author:David, Lawrence/ Gott, Barry (ILT)
    It's a bird! It's a plane! It's the Cupcaked Crusader! Otherwise known as the smallest ten-year-old with the biggest ideas in town-Horace Splattly. Horace, victim of his brilliant little sister's expe
    Children's Books,Action & Adventure

  • The TV Kid

    Press:Perfection Learning (January 1, 1998)
    Publication Date:1998-1
    Author:Byars, Betsy Cromer
    Lennie is addicted to television. Even reruns are more exciting than real life, and Lennie likes to pretend he's the one experiencing the drama. But Lennie's daydreams lead him into a real situation t
    Children's Books,Action & Adventure

  • The Abominable Snowman (Choose Your Own Adventure)

    Press:Chooseco (November 1, 2007)
    Author:Montgomery, R. A./ Peguy, Laurence (ILT)
    Armed with an ice axe and your mountaineering skills, you begin trekking into the Himalayan Mountains with one thing on your mind - finding the legendary Abominable Snowman! Known to locals as a "
    Children's Books,Action & Adventure

  • Madeline's Rescue [With Cassette]

    Press:The Viking Press (January 1, 1986)
    Publication Date:1999-1
    Author:Bemelmans, Ludwig
    The lively adventures of the twelve famous little girls and Genevieve the dog take readers once more to Bemelmans' unique and delightful Paris. A Caldecott Award Book. Full-color illustrations.
    Children's Books,Action & Adventure,Literature & Fiction

  • Charlie Small: Pirate Galleon

    Press:David Fickling Books (August 6, 2009)
    Publication Date:2009-8
    Author:Charlie Small
    FIRST PUBLISHED AS: THE PERFUMED PIRATES OF PERFIDY No one knows the full story of Charlie Small. At least, not yet. His original battered journal was found washed up on a remote, windswept shore in t
    Children's Books,Action & Adventure

  • The Dread Crew

    Press:Nimbus Publishing (October 1, 2010)
    Author:Inglis, Kate; Smith, Sydney;
    The pirates of the Dread Crew, ruthless junk hunters, are on the rampage through the Maritime woods. On their trail is a boy pirate tracker Eric Stewart, who gathers evidence of their hooliganism unti
    Children's Books,Action & Adventure

  • The Dragon That Ate Summer

    Press:Apple (July 1993) Apple
    Publication Date:Jul-93
    Author:Brenda Seabrooke
    After he breaks his collarbone, Alastair, upset that he cannot go to camp, discovers a blue dragon-like creature in his mother's garden. By the author of Judy Scuppernong. Reprint. K. LJ.
    Children's Books,Action & Adventure

  • Tim, Ted & the Pirates

    Press:HarperCollins UK (September 1, 2008)
    Publication Date:2008-9
    Author:Whybrow, Ian/ Ayto, Russell (ILT)
    It's story time at school, when all of a sudden—splash!—the classroom fills with water and Tim and Ted find themselves taking part in a swashbuckling nautical adventure. Can they rescue stol
    Children's Books,Action & Adventure

  • African Adventure

    Press:Knight; New Ed edition (1985) Knight
    Publication Date:1985
    Author:Willard Price; Pat Marriott
    A reissue of Willard Price's classic adventure series set in the animal kingdom.Hal and Roger Hunt are on the trail of a vicious man-eating leopard. Yet they are also being hunted themselves, by a mer
    Children's Books,Action & Adventure,Literature & Fiction

  • Bokobikes (Blue Nose Island)

    Press:Hodder & Stoughton (June 1, 2006) Hodder & Stoughton
    Publication Date:2006-6-1
    Author:Mick Inkpen
    This is the third picture book about Ploo and his friends set on the wonderful Blue Nose Island, a fluffy cloud to the left of the sun where all the creatures have Blue Noses. Ploo and Hatz are riding
    Children's Books,Action & Adventure

  • Escape (Island, Book 3)

    Press:Turtleback Books; Bound for Schools & Libraries ed. edition (August 1, 2001)
    Publication Date:2001-8
    Author:Korman, Gordon
    FOR USE IN SCHOOLS AND LIBRARIES ONLY. Having survived for so long on the deserted island, Luke, Charla, Will, Lysa, J.J., and Ian realize that their enemies are closer than they had expected and soon
    Children's Books,Action & Adventure,Literature & Fiction

  • The Fossibles: Bursting from Extinction to Distinction

    Press:360 Marketing LLC; 2nd edition (December 1, 2007)
    Author:Rancourt, Heather (CRT)/ Rancourt, Heather/ Gauches, Claudia
    Forget everything you've learned about dinosaurs. Contrary to conventional wisdom, they aren't extinct. The Fossibles, a formidable team of five ultra-hip dinosaurs, each with their own quirky persona
    Children's Books,Action & Adventure

  • Race Forever (Choose Your Own Adventure #7)

    Press:Chooseco (November 1, 2007)
    Author:Montgomery, R. A./ Sundaravej, Sittisan (ILT)/ Thongmoon, Kriangsak (ILT)
    You have been selected to race in one of the most grueling competitions in the world, the African Road Rallies. You will be competing in two races: one on fast roads and the other off road and on very
    Children's Books,Action & Adventure

  • The Puppet Master (The Amazing Adventures of Charlie Small)

    Press:Paw Prints; Reprint edition (April 9, 2009)
    Author:Small, Charlie
    This fourth volume of Charlie Small's journal was found under unusual circumstances. Told of a sighting of Charlie, one of our intrepid editors packed their bags and by plane, hot air balloon and donk
    Children's Books,Action & Adventure

  • Sure Fire

    Press:Harper-collins Publishers; 1st Uk Edition edition (2006)
    The phenomenally successful Jack Higgins teams up with Justin Richards to launch a sure fire best seller for children. The mother of fourteen-year-old twins Rich and Jade dies in a car crash and they
    Children's Books,Action & Adventure

  • Freddy's Day at the Races

    Press:Tuckamore (September 16, 2008)
    Author:Browne, Susan Chalker/ Rose, Hilda (ILT)
    It's Regatta Day in St. John's and Freddy is very excited. Dressed in his favourite pirate's suit, he and his mom go down to Quidi Vidi Lake. Suddenly Freddy starts running! Why is he racing away? Wil
    Children's Books,Action & Adventure

  • The Lost Jewels of Nabooti (Choose Your Own Adventure #4)

    Press:Chooseco (November 1, 2007)
    Author:Montgomery, R. A./ Kornmaneeroj, T. (ILT)/ Chanchareon, K. (ILT)/ Butsingkhon, S. (ILT)/ Utahigarn, A. (ILT)
    Beware and Warning! This book is different from other books. You and YOU ALONE are in charge of what happens in this story. There are dangers, choices, adventures, and consequences. YOU must use al
    Children's Books,Action & Adventure,Education & Teaching,Schools & Teaching,Education Theory

  • Space Bingo (Time Surfers)

    Press:Paw Prints 2008-05-22; Reprint edition (May 22, 2008)
    Author:Abbott, Tony/ Mulkey, Kim (ILT)
    Ned Banks is miserable.  He's the new kid in school--and he sticks out like a sore thumb.  His life is going downhill fast.  Until something happens.  Ned's not
    Children's Books,Action & Adventure

  • The Thief at Keswick Inn (Bailey Fish Adventures)

    Press:Tabby House (May 1, 2006)
    Author:Salisbury, Linda
    The Thief at Kewsick Inn, book three in the award-winning Bailey Fish Adventure Series, received the gold President's Pick Award from the Florida Publishers Association in 2007. Bailey Fish, 11, is ha
    Children's Books,Action & Adventure,Literature & Fiction

  • The Pirate Prince Carlomagno

    Press:Wampum Books (February 8, 2011)
    Publication Date:2011-2
    Author:Hopkins, John; Stevens, Teresa; Wedge, Donald
    Sold into slavery in the West Indies, a young Native American boy from the Wampanoag tribe yearns for freedom and a chance to return to his beloved New England home. With his choices limited, and ene
    Children's Books,Action & Adventure,Deals in Books

  • Grk and the Pelotti Brothers (A Grk Book)

    Press:Andersen Press (June 28, 2006)
    Publication Date:2006-6
    Author:Doder, Joshua
    A trip to Brazil should be fun, right? Well, it's certainly exciting, as Tim and his dog Grk zip through the streets of Rio at high speed after the notorious Pelotti gang. Then their plane crashes in
    Children's Books,Action & Adventure

  • The Trip to Panama

    Press:Andersen Press (November 20, 2007) Andersen Press
    Publication Date:2007-11-20
    Little bear and little tiger live in a little house by the river. One day, a wonderful-smelling crate floats past them, with the word PANAMA written on it. Little bear and little tiger decide that Pan
    Children's Books,Action & Adventure

  • Young Bond By Royal Command

    Press:Puffin (June 23, 2009)
    Publication Date:2009-5
    Author:Higson, Charlie
    Following a treacherous rescue mission high in the freezing Alps, James Bond is preparing for life back at Eton. But James is under surveillance; his every move is being watched. He alone holds the cl
    Children's Books,Action & Adventure,Literature & Fiction

  • Charlie Small: The Underworld

    Press:David Fickling Books (August 6, 2009)
    Publication Date:2009-8
    Author:Charlie Small
    In the fifth journal found by us, the lucky and smug publisher, we learn that Charlie Small has become embroiled in an underworld from his nightmares ...Previously, Charlie had bumped into the infamou
    Children's Books,Action & Adventure

  • Sasquatch (Turtleback School & Library Binding Edition)

    Press:Turtleback Books; Turtleback School & Library ed. edition (September 25, 1999)
    Publication Date:1900-1
    Author:Smith, Roland
    FOR USE IN SCHOOLS AND LIBRARIES ONLY. Dylan and his father join the Bigfoot International society's sinister leader in an expedition to find a Sasquatch. Evidence that they may be more than a legend
    Children's Books,Action & Adventure,Literature & Fiction

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